In this article, we will tell you everything about the Automation feature that will further enhance your workflows. 

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Basic knowledge

With Automation you can set up e.g. automated To-dos that will appear when you move a website to a specific status. But you can also select workflow constraints to ensure that your team members follow a specific workflow. 

To set up your preferred Automation click on "Manage Team" in the top navigation of the Website Manager and select "Automation" in the dropdown:

Automated To-dos on status change

You can predefine To-dos that should appear when you move a website from one status to another. Using this feature you can create your own checklist per status.

To add To-dos for a specific status you will need to: 

  1. Select a status in the dropdown menu (you will only see the statuses that you have activated for your workflow)
  2. Enter one to-do per line. If you want to add more than one To-do simply press Enter and write the next one in the next line. 

Click save to ensure that your changes will be applied. Now, when you move a website to a status - for the first time - it will automatically create the To-dos you entered here. In this example, we added two To-dos for the Preparation status. So if a website is moved to Preparation it will automatically create "Intro to the customer portal" and "Go through Wishes" as To-dos for that website.

Workflow constraints

Workflow constraints are rules or limitations that you can activate for working in the Manager. The following options are currently available: 

  1. A website status can not be skipped: Activate this constraint if you want to make sure that a website moves through all statuses of your workflow without the option to skip a step. E.g. if you added automated To-dos to each step that are supposed to be your check to ensure the same quality for all websites. 
  2. "Sales" user can not change statuses: Activate this constraint if you don't want users with the role "Sales" to change a website's status.
  3. Websites have to be assigned in any status except "Done": Activate this constraint if you want to make sure that a website is always assigned to one of your users. The only exception is the status "Done" because it's the last step of the workflow. This feature can decrease the possibility to forget about a customer during the website creation process. 
  4. Websites can not be assigned to absent users: If a team member is sick or on vacation they can mark their absence in their account. Other team members cannot assign any website to their absent colleagues during the time of their absence. 
  5. Websites with unfinished messages can not be moved to "Feedback" or "Done": Activate this constraint if you want to make sure that only websites with no undone messages can be moved to the next status (in this case "Feedback" and "Done". This ensures that all customer requests have been read and processed. 

Suggest designer

If you are working in a bigger team with different designers this tool is very helpful to evenly distribute the workload between your designers as it will "Automatically suggest a designer when the status changes to Audit or Change". So, if you want to move the website to Audit or Change the system will recommend a user in the role "Designer" that has the least workload assigned to them at the moment.

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