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In this article, we collect the most common questions that can occur with e-mails. Of course, we will provide you with appropriate solutions. 

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Basic knowledge and reporting

If you are having issues with your mails - regardless if it is sending or receiving - there can be a simple solution to it. However, the cause for this can be quite tricky to find out. In any case, it makes sense to go through the basics first. That means, ask yourself: 
  • Is the website and or the e-mail feature active? 
  • Are the DNS settings correct?
  • Are the credentials correct? 
  • Do you have an active internet connection? 
  • Does your firewall maybe interfere?

In any case, when you report an issue to us, please make sure you have checked all these bullet points, before you send us a mail. With the mail to our support, please make sure to include the following information at all times:

  • What is the domain / mail address / website ID?
  • Are you using any additional programs like Firewalls or mail clients? 
  • Have you checked the points mentioned above? 
  • Do you get any error message? Copy and paste it for us or try making a screencast.

Email limitations

There is a limit for the storage size of email accounts per domain at 25 GB. If you like to upgrade the storage size, you can do so by adding 25 GB per month per domain for only $2.99/ €2,99. Please contact us via mail if you like our assistance. The limit to send mails is 500 per day.

"Can I limit the number of mailboxes for my customers?" - Sitejet currently doesn'toffer this feature. If it is important to you, please raise a feature request for this in our community.

Calendar feature

The mail feature in Sitejet does not offer native calendar synchronization and therefore no Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Using DMARC and DKIM?

It is possible to set up a DMARC record in the DNS settings. However, we do not offer DKIM and are currently not planning to do so. You are able to vote for this feature in our community, though!

Amount of mailboxes per customer

You can set up an unlimited number of mailboxes for each customer and thus offer them the best service. The fact that customers should start thinking about their organization once they reach a certain number of mailboxes is another matter. The limit of 25GB applies to one domain and therefore to all the mailboxes for one customer.

Does the mail transfer require a domain transfer?

Forget about time-consuming manual email transfer! With our tool, you only need a few minutes to move email boxes and save an enormous amount of time.In many cases, it makes sense to move the domain as well. However, it is not necessary. If you like to read more about the Mailtransfer Tool, please follow this guide. 

Getting too much spam?

Are you getting too much spam? We got a nice guide for you here!

Emails getting "lost"

If you have the feeling that your emails are "lost" this can have several causes. First of all, Sitejet does not delete any of your emails unless you explicitly set it to do so. 

Access via IMAP? There are two ways to retrieve emails: POP3 and IMAP. With IMAP, emails remain on the server (cloud) and you work more or less directly on the server. With POP3, the emails are retrieved, (in the most common case) removed from the server, and are only available on the retrieving end device, e.g. your computer or your smartphone. If an e-mail box is retrieved simultaneously by device A via IMAP and device B via POP3, device B removes the email from the server, and device A's mailbox is empty.

Retrieval via POP3 is comparable to an ordinary mailbox. If someone takes the mail, the mailbox is empty for the next person. With IMAP the mail is opened but then left in the mailbox.

If you are accessing your mails via IMAP, it could have happened, that the mail was removed from one device, therefore being removed completely. This is usually the case. 

Filters? Check your filters! In your e-mail program, but also in Sitejet Webmailer, you can set filter rules according to which e-mails could be sorted into folders, but also deleted. Take a look at both filter functions and make sure that no e-mails are accidentally deleted or sorted into folders that you may not have subscribed to. For more about filters in Sitejet please follow this guide. 

Emails can be received but not sent

There are different reasons why emails cannot be sent. A closer look at the error message will help you find the cause. When you contact our support, please be sure to write down exactly where you get what kind of error message. Screenshots will also help. In rare cases, the domain could not have been set up correctly, or is still in transition. You will not be able to see this in the domain manager or anywhere else. After you have checked that the mail is set up correctly, get in touch with us via mail and provide the necessary information like website ID, mail address, external tool, and screenshots plus the error message as a text.

Error message: Client host blocked using XBL

One of the devices on your connection or Wi-Fi (including tablets and smartphones) is probably infected with malware that sends spam. If you have devices running Microsoft Windows, take a look at Windows Defender, Malwarebytes, Norton Power Eraser, CCleaner and/or McAfee Stringer. These tools are free. 
Mobile devices (especially Android phones) also become spammers by installing questionable apps, which are often not from the official Google or Apple app stores.
For more troubleshooting tips, check out this FAQ from Spamhaus.
If spam sending from your connection stops, you will be automatically removed from the list after a few days. 

Server unavailable

If you are sporadically unable to connect to the email server during the day or emails are sent with a delay because of this, the cause may be as follows: 
Your device or another device using the same Internet access has stored incorrect email credentials and tried to log in repeatedly with these incorrect credentials. Check the email settings on all devices connected to your Internet access (including mobile devices) and correct them. This happens more often with Apple Mail than with other programs.
If you are sure that all settings are correct, please contact Sitejet Support via email. Please provide us with all relevant information directly in the first email (website ID, mail account, setup, third-party tool). The more information we have, the better we can help you. In the meantime, you can always send emails via webmail.

Emails come back with an error message (bounce)

Error message: You're sending unusual many mails
In this case, your mailbox may be the victim of an attack and is being misused to send spam messages. Our security system prevents this by temporarily blocking your mailbox. In this way, we prevent our and your reputation from being compromised, but also protect Sitejet's email infrastructure. This situation is no reason to panic. Please proceed as follows:
  • Log into your email account.
  • Change the password for the affected mailbox. This will automatically unlock the mailbox. Make sure that you do not use a password that you have used before. Also use a strong password (at least 8 characters, upper and lower case, special characters, the longer, the better).
  • Now set the new password on all your devices that access the affected mailbox. Don't forget your mobile devices in the process.
  • It's best to wait a day before sending more emails.
  • Alternative: there are also cases when the same email - especially from older versions of Microsoft Outlook - gets "stuck" in the outbox and is sent from there every minute. In this case, you should have your Outlook checked by a technician or change the e-mail program.

Emails to Gmail addresses come back with an error message (DMARC/SPF)

Google has set up stricter requirements for its email service in order to reduce spam in customers' inboxes. In the meantime, it is necessary to authenticate one's e-mail either via DMARC or an SPF record. We offer the possibility of using an SPF record. If you have problems sending an e-mail to a Gmail address, it is advisable to adjust the SPF record. Please check your DNS settings and enter the following value: 

v=spf1 mx -all
After you have created or edited these entries, it is possible to test with tools like (external link!) whether the new entries are accepted correctly. Please note that the acceptance of the settings can take some time. In a few cases even longer than 24 hours. If you are unsure, please send us an email with the website ID, the domain name and a screenshot of your DNS settings.

Mailbox Backup & Restore

We do offer a Backup & Restore of your mailbox. This rarely happens, but if it does, it is good to have this service. Before we get into that process, we highly recommend always doing a manual backup of your mails. There is also a quick fix that might work! Once a week or bi-weekly if you are receiving and sending a lot of mails should be worth your time! 

When you have falsely deleted your email account, try re-creating the same mailbox. E-mails are not purged immediately when the mailbox is removed. If it is too late, you might have to consider a backup and restore from us. The costs for this kind of backup would be €499 per mailbox, regardless of the volume of mails. 

Unfortunately, the price is that high as this needs extensive work on the servers and many man-hours. Also, we do not store mails and mail account information after they have been fully deleted. For this process, please send us a mail with the following information: 
  • Email address / Website ID
  • Info in which postbox the mails were located
  • Roughly the deletion dates 
  • If applicable, creation date (for individual emails, to prevent unnecessary effort if the most recent backup before the deletion date is older than the actual email)

If we need more information, we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Please also confirm that you are aware of the costs for this and will apply to the costs.

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