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In this article, we like to give you an overview of the pricing and special restrictions for all our offered domains.

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Basic Knowledge

In order for your website to be accessible online, you must assign an internet address to it. This way, visitors can find your website, e.g. To learn more about a domain and registering it with us, please have a look at our article about registering a domain with Sitejet

Generally, when people are discussing a particular domain, the TLD is included anyway even if it isn't technically part of the domain. In Sitejet, when we use the term domain, it includes the domain suffix as well. With every Sitejet plan, you are able to host your domain with us. When you register or transfer a domain through Sitejet you will purchase a "domain subscription" that is billed yearly (unless stated otherwise in this article) and automatically renewed after one year (or two years depending on the domain) unless you cancel it.

In Sitejet you can manage, transfer and connect domains in the Domain Manager of the respective website. 

Pricing for Top Level Domains

If you are missing a specific TLD or having trouble registering or transferring a domain to us, please let us know via the support mail.

Note: TLD's marked with a * do have additional costs or require additional information listed below the list. Most domains will have a registration/subscription period of 12 months and no additional setup fee. Just click on the respective TLD to be forwarded to the section to see if the TLD you like to use has these costs.
TLD USD/year EUR/year
.app 31.20 24,96
.art 27.45 21,96
.at* 15.83 13,78
.be 13.37 10,96
.berlin 65.00 65,00
.biz* 18.53 16,12
.ca* 14.95 11,96
.career 126.91 104,07
.ch* 9.34 8,13
.church 60.45 54,95
.cl 101.18 93,08
.club 18.75 16,63
.co 42.34 36,84
.coach 76.82 73,95
.com* 8.99 11,97* 152.50 130,00
.consulting 43.10 37,50* 9.15 7,96 27.45 21,96
.de* 7.82 6,80
.dev 29.95 23,96
.design 71.90 58,96
.es 14.37 12,50
.estate 58.68 53,99
.eu* 9.21 8,01
.fr 13.25 11,53
.gr 26.63 24,50
.group 25.47 23,99
.guide 66.82 56,36
.ie 118.67 97,31
.info* 19.03 16,56
.io 55.91 53,35
.is 94.65 87,99
.it 12.53 10,90
.jobs 189.48 155,37
.life 51.73 43,96
.marketing 42.63 34,96
.mx 75.22 63,55 90.61 76,55
.net* 15.29 13,30
.nl 9.77 8,50
.online 57.54 53,55
.org* 14.81 12,89 10.81 10,55
.page 18.77 15,39
.photography 28.00 22,96
.racing 42.63 34,96
.restaurant 79.22 64,96
.ruhr 53.99 45,99
.se* 41.00 35,00
.shop 48.99 48,99
.si 61.08 59,99
.site 42.63 34,96
.vip 25.03 20,52
.work 16.91 15,00
All prices are net prices plus value-added or sales tax! 
If you need a TLD (Top Level Domain) or n TLD not listed here, please email us to our support and tell us the desired domain including the corresponding domain extension. We will then reply with a non-binding offer. Please note that for specific regions especially for South-East-Asia and Pacific, we are unable to meet the required price standards.

Special restrictions and domain transfer lock

Certain domains have special requirements when transferring or registering them. In that case, you need to manually provide us with more information via mail to the support. Upon registration in the domain manager, the system will not yet indicate that you need to provide more information. If you like to register a rather rare n TLD with us, that is not yet mentioned, feel free to get in touch with us via mail, and we are happy to check with the ICANN if additional information is required.

Domain transfer lock: Many domain owners or persons/companies who want to register a domain do not know that in many cases there are blocking periods for some domain endings. The lock takes effect after a new registration or successful transfer. Additionally, this blocking period comes into effect if the email address of the domain Owner/Admin-C is changed. These limits are set by the ICANN and can be viewed in detail here. This makes misuse of domain names less likely. We have listed the most common blocking periods here - if you are unsure about a specific domain, please email us, and we are happy to check with the ICANN about any limitations.

TLD Additional Information
*.at For *.at domains, the blocking period is 8 weeks after cancellation. After this period will release the domain for new registration.
*.biz The *.biz domains have a 60-day-transfer-block.
*.ca Please note that the Canadian Internet Authority ( CIRA) regulates .ca domains. You will need to meet the Canadian Presence Requirements (CPR) to be able to register .ca domains.
*.ch For *.ch domains, there is a Redemption Grace Period of 40 days after deletion. This is called "on-hold period".
*.cn For *.cn domains, there is a Redemption Grace Period of 30 days after deletion. During this period, only previous domain owners can reactivate the domain.
*.com The *.com domains do have a 60-day-transfer-block. After initiating the transfer with Authcode, the current registrar will inform you about the ongoing transfer. You have a 5-day right of revocation of the transfer. If the transfer is not objected within the 5 days, the transfer will be automatically approved and the domain will be successfully transferred on the sixth day.
* The transfer or registration of a * domain will trigger a two-year subscription.
*.de For *.de domains, there is a Redemption Grace Period of 30 days after deletion. During this period, only previous domain owners can reactivate the domain.
*.eu For *.eu domains, the period after deletion is called quarantine and lasts 40 days. During this time, the current domain owner can request a reactivation by the current provider or a transfer to a new provider. 
*.info The *.info domains have a 60-day-transfer-block.
*.it The *.it domains need additional information, when you try to register or transfer them. When you do so, please actively get in contact with us during the process and provide us with the UST ID (European tax ID). Also confirm with us, that you approve the use of your personal data for the registrar and are aware of the liability regarding the domain. If you need further information, let us know and we will send you the respective information.
*.net The *.net domains have a 60-day-transfer-block.
*.org The *.org domains have a 60-day-transfer-block. Domain transfer takes up to six days after transfer has been initiated!
*.se The transfer or registration of a *.se domain has an extra fee of 9.90 (EUR/USD) that will be billed separately to your account!
*.uk / * Once you started the transfer, we will be notified about the purchase and will assist you to initiate the process with our registrar. When this is done, you will receive a mail from us to verify the transfer. We then like to ask you to contact your old domain provider to change the IPS tag to 1API-DE. Once your old domain provider has entered the IPS tag on his side, a successful transfer can take up to 24 hours. If you are looking for an update on the process after 24 hours, just let us know via mail, and we will check the current status.

If you like to get information on your domain before you register or transfer it, please let us know via the support mail.

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