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In this article, we explain everything about Text Generator which is an integration of ChatGPT in the Website Builder. 

To access the Text Generator you can either:

  • use the Text Generator icon in the headline and text toolbars, or

  • click on More > Text Generator

Both options will open the Text Generator panel on the right side. Here you have the option to add the following information: 

  • Element: If you opened the Text Generator via a text or headline element the respective element ID will be added here. You can change the selected element by clicking on the element picker icon and selecting another element. 
  • Input language: In which language do you add the description?
  • Output language: In which language should the output text be generated?
  • Description: Here you can add relevant information that helps ChatCPT to create the content you want. The more specific you are, the greater the chance to get a text that matches your expectation. E.g. if you want to create an "About Us" text the following information might be helpful:
    • What is the product or industry? 
    • How many years of experience and team members does the company have?
    • Is the company specialized in anything?
  • Text Settings (optional)
    • Max. Word: What is the maximum number of words that should be generated?
    • Content Type: What kind of content do you want to generate?
    • Tone: In which tone should the text be written?
    • Reading Level: What kind of reading level would you prefer?
    • Target Group:  Who should read this text?
    • Author: From which perspective should the text be written?

Once you have added all your specifications, you can hit  Generate Text which will send your input to ChatGPT via an API and return the response in the Text output field. If you selected an element the output will also be displayed there. 

With the Text Generator, you can create incredible content of up to 2,000 words every day. Team plans have a capacity of 6,000 words per day (3 users x 2,000) and Agency plans up to 20,000 words a day (10 x 2,000). The words per account will be available for all users of that account, i.e. if you have a Team plan with 3 users, you will see a total of 6,000 daily words (3 x 2,000) that can be used by all users of that account.
Please note that this integration is a beta version. It is possible that the generated output is not always as you expect it to be. The results generated by ChatGPT are not predictable. If you don’t get a well-written result, we recommend generating the text again with the same settings.

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