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In this article, we will explain to you everything you need to know about RSS Feeds in the Website Editor.

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Basic knowledge

RSS feeds is short for Really Simple Syndication and serve as a convenient tool to stay informed without constant website visits. Your website visitors can subscribe to their favorite online content, be it news, blogs, or updates. Instead of manually checking various sites, an RSS reader consolidates all your chosen feeds in one place. When a website updates its content, the RSS reader fetches and displays it. This means you and your website visitors can efficiently keep up with multiple sources without the need to visit each site separately. RSS feeds are incredibly versatile and can also be integrated with various apps and platforms. From news aggregators, email clients, and productivity tools to social media platforms, these apps often have sections or features where you can input RSS feed URLs.

RSS Feed in the Website Editor

An RSS Feed will be automatically created and activated for each collection listing that you create on your website. You can find the RSS Feed URL in the left edit panel of the collection listing in the editor. The URL will only display those items that are displayed through the filters that you have set up for the collection.

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