C - Creating a project

Setting up your project

Let's get back to our  Websites tab in the top menu. Next click  +Website on the top right corner.

You will be prompted to enter a pleasant name for your website. Let's assume we are going to build a one pager for a fancy new pub. 

Hit Submit to get to the template selection.

You will be presented with a range of templates to choose from. These are prebuilt websites that you can customize as you require once you chose one. Perhaps you only need a specific header or footer? Simply grab the template which comes closest to what you need and save yourself a whole lot of time in creating a bulletproof responsive and crossbrowser compatible solution. Click the preview image of any template and a new frame opens up. Inside this frame you can test the template by scrolling up and down, navigating to subpages and using built-in features like accordions. You can even choose to view the template in three different viewports: desktop, tablet or smartphone (icons at the top center).

This template looks fitting for our purposes. You can close the preview and hit the button  Choose. Now the website will be created by using this template. 

Tipp: If you like to start from scratch you can simply choose the Blank template at the bottom. You also have the option to contact us to get a custom designed template for your further usage. Contact us to talk about the details.

Congratulations. You created your first project! Now you are close to the fun part: customizing the page to your heart's content! 

4. Building a website

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