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In this article, we will show you how to customize your language settings, when you receive notifications, your profile picture, and your password from your user profile settings. 

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Basic knowledge

With an up-to-date profile, you make teamwork easier. You can update your Sitejet profile by clicking on your profile picture or the icon above your name in the far right menu and selecting "Profile".

You will then be redirected to your profile settings.

General information

In the left column under "Profile", you enter your first and last name. For easy communication within your team, we don't recommend using synonyms or nicknames. You can change your Sitejet password below your name. The language option you select here will bet the language of your Sitejet interface.

You can save changes by clicking "Save".

Profile picture

By default, your initials are displayed. To avoid confusion, we recommend uploading an individual profile picture. Click on "Upload picture", select your profile picture file and click "Save". Your profile picture will then be displayed instead of your initials for the websites assigned to you on the right.


Notifications keep you informed about the current status of your projects. This is especially important if you are working in a team on several projects. For example, you can stay informed when a team member changes the status of a website or publishes it. Under "Notifications", set when Sitejet will send you automatic notifications by email. Simply tick the boxes for the situations when you'd like to receive notifications and then click "Save".


This feature ensures that no websites can be assigned to you during your absence by mistake. Simply set a date until which you will be absent and from the day you set the absence until your day you will return and no websites can be assigned to you. 

Please note that the absence feature will only work if the workflow constraint "Websites can not be assigned to absent users" has been activated under "Settings" > "Automation".

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