Manage Team (Team settings)

You can manage important information for working with your customers, such as your support email address and your privacy policy, in the team settings.

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Basic knowledge

The team settings can be found in the Website Project Manager. Simply click on "Manage Team" in the top navigation. 


Here you can invite new users or manage existing users in your team.


Under Billing, you can manage your purchased plan and your domain subscriptions. You can also manage your billing and invoice information and have a look at your billing history. 


Under settings, you can manage:

  • Team name
    The team name is used for different occasions e.g. when sending an email to invite users and it's visible when you switch teams. 
  • Team language
    Here you can specify the interface language for your team. The language set here will also be used in the Website Builder (CMS) and for any new website you create. This is relevant for SEO purposes and can be adjusted individually via the customer data.
  • Monitoring for website errors
    The monitoring system informs you via mail about certain types of errors in the affected project. For example, if the website is unavailable due to a server error or incorrect DNS entries, you will receive an email. The monitoring system also notifies you about faulty links or if your SSL certificate expires. If you host your website with Sitejet, the SSL certificate is automatically renewed. 
  • Privacy policy & Terms of use
    Here is where you can add the links to your own privacy policy and terms of use. These are visible on the login page for the customer portal.
  • Manage subscription
    Will also lead you to "Billing".


Under Whitelabel, you can set up a new domain name under which the tool is available, you can rename the tool, you can change the branding by adding a custom color and logo and you can add custom code to the Website Manager and Customer Portal.

Email setup (IMAP & SMTP)

With Sitejet, you get a powerful email management tool that simplifies communication with your customers and eliminates the need for external email programs. You can send and receive emails within Sitejet. When you receive emails Sitejet automatically recognizes which messages belong to which project and assigns them to the respective project. Our article about receiving emails in Sitejet shows you how to configure Sitejet to automatically assign your customers' emails to the respective projects. And here you will find all information about sending emails with Sitejet and using features like Team email and email signature. 

You will also have access to the email migration tool that allows you to transfer email accounts from one provider to another, e.g. before transferring a domain to another provider to ensure that all emails are still available after the transfer. Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to use the Migration Tool.


Under Statuses, you can manage the steps in your workflow.  


Under Automation, you can find two different features. The automation feature automatically creates predefined to-dos when a website status is changed and the workflow constraints that are rules or limitations that you can activate for working in the Manager. 


Webhooks (or HTTP callbacks) can be used to inform external tools about events in Sitejet. 

Connect stock photo accounts

As explained in our article on stock photos, you can access and embed stock photo images from "" and "Adobe Stock" directly from Sitejet. This saves you time and effort.

To use this feature, simply enter your Adobe Stock login details in this section on the left and click "Save". Or, click the "Connect" button for on the right to allow Sitejet to login to your account. 

The cost of the images will continue to be charged to your Adobe or Shutterstock accounts.

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