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This article explains how you can add users to your team in Sitejet, plus how to manage user roles and rights, as well as assign projects to specific team members.

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Add team members to the company user

Assign projects to a team member

Add team members to the company

To add team members to a company, go to your profile and select "Users". This will take you to the user administration.

Note: The option of adding users to your projects is only available in Team and Agency plans.

Click the "Invite Users" button here to add new users to your team with whom you are working on your projects. Assign roles to your team members to manage their access rights within your projects. You can choose from Admin, Sales, Editor, Design, and Support roles. 

Project Statistics Full CMS access CMS project access
Customer data
Design X
Support X
Editor X X
Sales X X X

Assign projects to a team member

Newly created projects are initially "assigned" to the respective creator. This is important for role management as well as for the filters in the website overview:

As described above, editors only have access to projects assigned to them. So if you want a project you have created to be edited by one of your editors, you need to assign it to them. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the website overview
  2. Click on the icon on the far right of the respective project
  3. Select the desired team member in the displayed list of your team members

The project is now assigned to this team member. Depending on the filter settings, the project may no longer be displayed. To display the project again, you can adjust the filter so that projects of other team members are also displayed. To do so, click on the filter field (shown below) and check the box for the desired team members:

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