The Team and Agency plans contain Whitelabel functionality, which means that the entire Sitejet platform (including the Customer Portal) can be displayed with your Corporate Identity on a custom domain.

 To enable this for you, please make sure that you booked the right plan and send the following details to help@sitejet.io:

  • Your logo in a PNG format. Ideally your logo has an aspect ratio of 3:1 and is at least 400px wide.
  • A color that will be used as a highlight color throughout the entire platform. Usually this is the primary brand color. Please provide this value as hexadecimal (e.g. #16a085 for the Sitejet color) or RGB value.
  • A domain name you want to use Sitejet with, for example: company-name.com. The admin panel will then be available on partner.company-name.com, the customer portal will be available on my.company-name.com and so on. This domain needs to belong to you. To use Sitejet with it, please set a wildcard CNAME entry which points to partner.sitejet.io (Name: * | TTL: 3600 | Value: partner.sitejet.io)
  • Your desired e-mail address for your customers e-mails (mainly for change requests), like service@acme-websites.com

After providing these details, we will enable your whitelabeled website platform within 48 hours during regular weekdays. 


If you want to show Sitejet templates to your customers, so they are able to choose from them, you can use our unbranded template view here:

Feel free to embed it as an iFrame into another website, if you even want to get rid of the sitejet.io hostname.

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