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In this article, we cover what white labeling is and what advantages you get through having it activated.

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Basic knowledge

White labeling is a service that presents our service as if it was yours. This way you can present sitejet.io functionalities to your clients with your own branding and therefore in a more professional way.

The white labeling will affect: 

  • The logo will be exchanged with the logo you uploaded.
  • The color of the top navigation icons and icons in the dropdowns will be changed to the hex code you added. 
  • The default domains that end with "sitejet.io" will be changed to the domain you add. Please make sure to follow the correct setup for the domain as described below
  • The favicons will be whitelabeled.

Since the background color of the top bar (where your logo will show up) does not change with white labeling, we recommend using bright colors as well as a bright logo. 

Important: The whitelabel feature is somewhat limited for email peripherals. This is where your customers log in to webmail.sitehub.io. From our experience, we do recommend to not use the whitelabel feature with TLDs *.dev and *.app. There are technical reasons for this that cause the SSL certification to not work. 

Requirements for white labeling with Sitejet

Before we get into the settings - please be aware, that we do not offer the white label feature for subdomains. You need to set up the whitelabel with a main domain. When everything is set up correctly, the system will provide you with a subdomain. Furthermore, there are restrictions for domains with a double ending like *.com.au. Please contact the support if you have any more questions.

To enable white labeling for you, please make sure that you provide the following details:

  1. Your company logo in a PNG format. Ideally, your logo has an aspect ratio of 3:1 and is at least 400px wide. For better visibility, we recommend a brighter logo.
  2. A color that will be used as a "highlight color" throughout the entire platform. Usually, this is the primary brand color. Please provide this value as
    1. hexadecimal (e.g. #0852ed for the Sitejet's color) or 
    2. RGB value.
  3. A domain name you want to use instead of "sitejet.io" 
    1. for example company-name.com 
    2. The admin panel will then be available on partner.company-name.com
    3. the customer portal will be available on my.company-name.com and so on. This domain needs to belong to you. 
  4. To use Sitejet with it, please set a wildcard CNAME entry that points to partner.sitejet.io if the domain is not registered with Sitejet. Thanks to the wildcard CNAME entry all links will be created with your domain e.g. for the Login, the customer portal login, or the preview links.

    CNAME * partner.sitejet.io 3600

    Please note, that this process is different from hoster to hoster, but your hoster will happily help you with that in case you need help.

  5. Your desired e-mail address for your customers' e-mails, like service@company-name.com
  6. White labeling is available from the Team-Plan onwards

Your preferred domain, email address, color, and logo can be set up in the Company Settings. How that is done is discussed in the " Setup White labeling with Sitejet" section.

Please be advised that if you when the WILDCARD CNAME is set, the system will use my.*, partner.*, api.*, cms.*, preview.* and preset.* for the whitelabel domain.

If no wildcard CNAME entry is set, or it is not possible to set an entry, it is very likely that you will not see the new Website Project Manager and Detail View. In this case, we recommend that you contact your domain provider and ask for assistance. If the provider does not allow you to set a wildcard CNAME entry, we recommend that you move the domain to Sitejet, otherwise you will not be able to take full advantage of the platform. 

Setup mail forwarding

Sitejet offers the opportunity to get all incoming emails automatically assigned to their respective projects. In order for Sitejet to do this, all incoming e-mails must be sent to a specific, unique e-mail address provided by Sitejet.

You can find this e-mail address by going to your "Company Settings". There you find a section called "Receiving EMail". It will always be in the following format:  inbox+1234.12345abc12345abc123@partner.sitejet.io

In case you have your own domain registered with Sitejet you can simply set up the forwarding where you would also manage your e-mail addresses as if you were your own customer (please see the picture below).

To set up the forwarding mechanism, please follow these steps:

  1. In case the desired email address isn't yet set up, please add it now
  2. Now click "Mailbox" in the "Create New Email Address" section and select "Forwarding"
  3. Enter the "Source" email address that you want to use for all support-related e-mails. In this case, for example, "test"
    1. Please do not add anything from the "@"-sign on but rather select it in the field next to the "Source" field in case you have multiple domains available
  4. Please enter the "inbox" e-mail address in the field on the right side.

If you are using an external tool for managing your e-mail addresses, the respective support team will happily help you in case you are having any questions.

Setup White labeling with Sitejet

In order to set up your whitelabel click on "Manage team" in the top navigation of the manager and select "Whitelabel"

  1. Type in your preferred domain name which you already set the CNAME up for
  2. Add a name if you want "Sitejet" to be replaced everywhere in the interface
  3. Decide which help settings you want to display. You can choose between:
    1. Use default help option: Sitejet's integrated help documents will be visible
    2. Add a custom help URL: You can add a link to your very own help center that will replace the Sitejet links
    3. Hide help option: All help icons will be disabled
  4. Select your corporate identity highlight color
  5. Upload your logo with the field next to the color selection field
  6. If you like, you can add additional HTML code in the next two fields
    1. You have one field for both the Website Management and the Customer Portal
    2. You can for example use <style>-tags to alter the design of specific elements, change the color of the interface or add additional elements
  7. Hit "Save" once you like the preview

After saving these changes, both your dashboard and the customer portal will show up with your corporate identity.

All technical things like SSL encryption, etc. are handled in the background for your convenience.

It can take up to 48 hours before the DNS servers recognized the new CNAME record. We have no influence on this. After the DNS server recognized this change, your customized "Sitejet" can be white-labeled.

Templates as References

As additional references for potential clients, you can use our unbranded showroom, which can be found under https://www.sitejet.io/en/template-showroom. This showroom can be embedded directly on your website with an iframe.

To embed an iFrame on one of your Sitejet pages, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Website Builder
  2. Click on the "Element" category in the left sidebar
  3. Add an "iFrame" element
  4. Set https://www.sitejet.io/en/template-showroom as the "iFrame-URL"
  5. Set the height in the respective field if necessary

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