Manually assign emails to projects

Sitejet offers a built-in email tool from which you can communicate directly with your customers. The advantage for you and your customers is that all the information required for the project can be transferred directly to and from Sitejet, making other email programs unnecessary. Even better is that Sitejet automatically recognizes which information belongs to which project, using the email address stored in the customer data, and automatically assigns it to the respective project. But, if the email address isn't stored in the customer data, you can manually assign emails to projects, and that is what we will show you how to do in this article.

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Basic knowledge

In our article about receiving emails in Sitejet, we explained how you can set up Sitejet so that your customers' emails are automatically assigned to the respective projects. In case your customer has more than one email address, you can store up to three email addresses for each customer in the customer data.

If you receive information from email addresses that have not yet been assigned to a customer project, these will be displayed in the Website Project Manager under "Unassigned" on the left side.

By clicking the "Unassigned" icon, you will be taken to the overview where you can sort incoming emails that weren't automatically assigned to a particular project.

Manually assign emails to projects

In the Manager View, you will find all unassigned emails. They are listed as you can see in the image below. To view the contents of an email, just click "Open".

File attachments and images located at the bottom of the email can be opened by clicking on them. Finally, once you've opened the message, you will want to assign the email to a particular project. Assigning an email to a project can be done using the "Search website..." field to search for the project by typing in the domain name or project name, and then clicking the "Assign" button.

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