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With Sitejet's Website Project Manager and the To-do feature, you can further optimize your web design process. If your customer sends you change requests via the feedback tool, these will automatically be added to the To-do list and you will be notified.

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 Comments and feedback

With the Feedback tool in the Customer Portal, your customer can mark the points they want to be changed directly on the website with a few clicks and add comments. This facilitates communication during the review process and speeds things up.

Messages in the Website Project Manager

If your customer has submitted change requests using the Feedback tool, Sitejet will notify you via the blue "To-dos" icon in the Manager View.

Click on "To-dos" for an overview of the change requests. All past change requests are listed under "Finished". If you hover over a to-do, an "Edit" pen-icon will appear. With this icon, you can change the text of the to-do and add a due date for it.

You will also be informed of newly received to-dos in the "Messages" section of the Website and directed to see the details in the "To-dos" section.

Work with feedback in the Website Builder (CMS)

In the Website Builder (CMS), you can easily take care of feedback. Click on "Website" and then on "To-dos", and then a menu will open on the right side of the page showing all open change requests from the to-do list. By double-clicking on a to-do, the system jumps directly to the point at which the change request is to be implemented.

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