Templates are great for faster production times. In this article, you will learn where you can find them and how to use them.

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Find and use templates

When you start creating a website with Sitejet you can either start from scratch (blank template) or you can choose one of our ready-to-use templates. Click on "+ Website", enter the name for your website, and click on "Add". This will redirect you to our template library. Scroll through all options to find the perfect match for your needs. You can click on preview and see the full website design and also test tablet and mobile view. If you found the right template click on "Choose" and the template will be copied into your project. 

Create a template

If you created a design that you want to re-use for other websites you can create your own template from this design. Simply go click on the "Actions" button for the respective website and select "Create as template". 

Enter a name for your template:

 You will find all your websites under "Template" in Sitejet's top menu bar in a specific section called "My templates". 

Change a template

Sometimes you might have chosen a template and after working a while with it, you want to change to another template.

To change to another template, just go to your website list, click "Actions" on the website you want to change the template for, and click "Change template". You'll find the same button in the Detail View of the respective website.

If you're using the kanban view you can simply click on the ellipsis icon in the right corner to see the same options: 

You need to confirm that all contents from the website will be overwritten when you choose a new template. 

After confirming that, you'll see the library of available templates and can choose one of them to replace the current one on the website.

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