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In this article, you will learn everything about using Sitejet's Mail Transfer tool.

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Basic knowledge

The Mail Transfer tool allows you to copy emails from one email address to another email address. This tool can be helpful if you like to transfer a domain from one provider to another but want to make sure that the existing email addresses with all emails are copied to the new provider beforehand. Another use case can be that you want to transfer existing mails from one email address to another email address with a different name (either to a different or the same provider).

Please note, that this feature is available in the Team plan and higher. 
Important! Before you use the tool and plan a move, we always recommend a backup of the mails in the current program. The mails are only copied, but it can always happen that something is not transferred or copied the way you want it to be. This way you avoid a possible data loss. Before you switch off the old mail address, make sure that all mails have been moved. 
Before you go through the tutorial, we recommend our best practice if you want to move domain and mails. 
  1. Make a local backup of your mails on the day you plan to move them.
  2. Please leave the domain with the other provider for the time being. If the domain is with us and only the mails are on another server, keep the function active for the time being. 
  3. Enter the domain in the Domain Manager. Activate only the e-mail function and create the first mail address.
  4. After the first test create the other mailboxes. 
  5. Now transfer all mailboxes you want to transfer.
  6. Check each mailbox as good as possible, if all mails are copied.
  7. Please check now with the company or customer if you can change the MX record. If you do this, the customer can no longer use the old setup. All mail addresses must be re-entered. For third party providers, the server details and login information must be re-entered. The mails and the mail account should still be active in the program.
  8. Now please make a backup of the new accounts and if possible of the old ones.
  9. Now you can move the domain.
If the domain has already been moved before, the hints are of course omitted. The procedure is of course the same. If you are unsure, we always recommend a test run. For this, it has proven to be useful if your customer sets up a mail address for you, and you use the customer's preferred tool. This way you can detect possible breaks and bottlenecks. Please test it out in advance!
For more information on how to use the Mail Transfer tool check out the step-by-step video tutorial or written instructions below.

Step-by-step video tutorial


Step-by-step instructions

  1. To access the Mail transfer tool click on "Manage Team" in the top navigation and select Email Setup (IMAP & SMTP). Once you are there scroll down to the Email Migration Tool.

  2. You will now see a form to provide information about the existing emails. Some common webmail and hosting providers are already pre-configured within this tool. Check the dropdown under "Provider" to see if your provider is one of those pre-configured providers. If not, select custom and enter the server information manually. Please also enter the email address (it's important to use the full email address like "" instead of just "help@" etc.) and the password before clicking "Next".

  3. In the next step, you can choose the target provider. Same procedure as before - either you select a pre-configured provider or you enter everything manually. Then you add the email address (it's important to use the full email address like "" instead of just "help@" etc.). Please note that the new email account must already exist with your new provider for this.

    If you want to move the emails to Sitejet, it's important that you make these preparations:
    1. Add the domain to the Domain Manager (without transferring them! So select "Transfer later") 
    2. Activate the domain - either by setting the usage to "Publish" or "Email only" (if you don't want to publish the site yet). 
    3. Activate the email services by checking the "email" checkbox for the respective domain
    4. Add the mail accounts in the customer portal as explained in this article about setting up email addresses

  4. Next, you'll see the options dialogue. Here you can select, which folders to transfer and which to exclude e.g. trash or spam folders. Under "Delete Emails" you can choose to keep the emails on the source server or delete them after transferring them. Under "Existing Emails" you can choose to skip any duplicate emails that have already been copied.

  5. Once you click "Start" the transfer will begin. The duration of the transfer process is dependent on the number of emails that should be transferred. You can switch to another tab and continue working while the transfer is being processed.

  6. When the transfer is done you will see this dialog with the options to repeat the transfer process or go back to start.

You can also transfer multiple email addresses at once when choosing "mass transfer". The dialog looks a bit different, but the features are the same. Follow the same steps as explained above to start the transfer.
If you want to transfer multiple email addresses to different servers instead of the same click on "differing servers" on the top right corner to enter multiple target servers before starting the transfer.

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