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In this article, we will guide you through the process of registering a domain name. 

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Basic knowledge

In order for your Sitejet website to be accessible online you must assign a domain name to it. Custom domain names, e.g. a domain name that contains your company's name, give your website a professional look and feel, strengthen your brand and make it easier for visitors and (potential) customers to find you online.  

A domain name is part of an internet address (called URL) on the internet where visitors can find your website, e.g.

A URL is made up of three parts: 

  • The subdomain (for example: www)
    Subdomains are the part that comes before the actual domain. If you like to know more about subdomains, please read  this article about subdomains in Sitejet. 
  • The domain (for example: my-business)
  • And the domain suffix, like the top-level domain (TLD). (for example: *.com) 
    The "Top Level Domain" (TLD) was originally meant to indicate the region in which the website is located. For example, for Germany this is ".de", for Italy ".it", for Spain ".es", and so on. Now, there are more TLDs that have nothing to do with the region, such as ".com" for example (commercial purposes). Generally, when people are discussing a particular domain, the TLD is included anyway even if it isn't technically part of the domain. In Sitejet, when we use the term domain, it includes the domain suffix as well. 

The URL would be and the domain name would be 

Note: When you are registering a domain name, you are creating a domain subscription in Sitejet. This always includes additional costs. The pricing and the length of the subscription depends on the domain suffix. The hosting of this domain on Sitejet is included in the Sitejet plan. For more information about domain pricing, please have a look at the article about domain pricing .

Register domains

To register a domain in Sitejet you will need to access the Domain Manager for the respective website. Once you have opened the domain manager click on "+ Domain" in the right corner, enter your desired domain, and click "Search". If the domain is still available you can click "Register domain". 

You will now see a form to check the information that will be used for the domain handle (domain owner information). It will automatically use the information that was entered as customer data for the website but can be manually changed if needed. 

Once you click "Register now liable to costs" the domain will be purchased and added to your account. It is up to you whether you pass on the costs directly to your customer or charge the price to your customer within the project. 

Please note that the domain subscription with Sitejet will automatically renew after a year to ensure continuous ownership of the domain and availability of the website. All information about the renewal date and the upcoming costs for the domain will also be visible in the Domain Manager.
If a domain is already registered it is not possible to register the domain via Sitejet. If either you or your customer is already the owner of the domain you can connect that domain with your Sitejet website by connecting the domain with your website or by transferring the domain.

Cancel a domain

If you want to cancel a domain with us, it is possible to do so by accessing the "Actions" menu. Here you are able to click on "Delete". Deleting the domain will lead to the cancelation of the domain subscription with Sitejet if the domain is registered through us.

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