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A domain name is the web address (URL) where visitors can find your website. In order for your Sitejet website to be accessible online, you must assign a domain to it. The advantages of having a user-friendly custom domain, and how you can register and use your own domain with Sitejet, are explained in this article.

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Basic knowledge

Custom domains give your website a professional look and feel, strengthen your brand and make it easier for visitors to find you online. The same goes for your customers, so we recommend that you always use a custom domain. Managing, transferring, and connecting domains is done in the "domain manager" of the respective website. 
Before we look at the features and possibilities themselves, we make sure that we are talking about the same terms: 
  • "Hosting" means the space provided on servers to make a website available on the Internet
  • "Domain" is the "name" of the website that is entered in the address bar of the browser to access the website. The domain always refers to the homepage of the website, while each individual subpage has its own URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
  • "Top Level Domain" stands for the short final part of the domain, for example, ".com" is the Top Level Domain for "" 

Sitejet offers hosting for websites, and the ability to purchase and manage associated domains.

Pricing for Top Level Domains

TLD USD/year EUR/year Setup fee (USD) Term
.app 31.20 24,96 0.00 12 months
.art 27.45 21,96 0.00 12 months
.at 15.83 13,78 0.00 12 months
.be 13.37 10,96 0.00 12 months
.berlin 65.00 65,00 0.00 12 months
.biz 18.53 16,12 0.00 12 months
.ca* 14.95 11,96 0.00 12 months
.career 126.91 104,07 0.00 12 months
.ch 9.34 8,13 0.00 12 months
.cl 101.18 93,08 0.00 12 months
.club 18.75 16,63 0.00 12 months
.co 42.34 36,84 0.00 12 months
.coach 76.82 73,95 0.00 12 months
.com 8.99 11,97 0.00 12 months 152.50 130,00 0.00 24 months
.consulting 43.10 37,50 0.00 12 months 9.15 7,96 0.00 12 months 27.45 21,96 0.00 12 months
.de 7.82 6,80 0.00 12 months
.dev 29.95 23,96 0.00 12 months
.design 71.90 58,96 0.00 12 months
.es 14.37 12,50 0.00 12 months
.eu 9.21 8,01 0.00 12 months
.fr 13.25 11,53 0.00 12 months
.gr 26.63 24,50 0.00 12 months
.guide 66.82 56,36 0.00 12 months
.ie 118.67 97,31 0.00 12 months
.info 19.03 16,56 0.00 12 months
.io 55.91 53,35 0.00 12 months
.it 12.53 10,90 0.00 12 months
.jobs 189.48 155,37 0.00 12 months
.life 51.73 43,96 0.00 12 months
.marketing 42.63 34,96 0.00 12 months
.mx 75.22 63,55 0.00 12 months 90.61 76,55 0.00 12 months
.net 15.29 13,30 0.00 12 months
.nl 9.77 8,50 0.00 12 months
.online 57.54 53,55 0.00 12 months
.org 14.81 12,89 0.00 12 months
.page 18.77 15,39 0.00 12 months
.photography 28.00 22,96 0.00 12 months
.racing 42.63 34,96 0.00 12 months
.restaurant 79.22 64,96 0.00 12 months
.se 41.00 35,00 9.90 12 months
.shop 48.99 48,99
0.00 12 months
.site 42.63 34,96 0.00 12 months
.vip 25.03 20,52 0.00 12 months
.work 16.91 15,00 0.00 12 months
All prices are net prices plus value-added or sales tax.

If you need a TLD (Top Level Domain) not listed here, please send us an email to and tell us the desired domain including the corresponding domain extension. We will then reply with a non-binding offer.

*Please note that the Canadian Internet Authority ( CIRA) regulates .ca domains. You will need to met the Canadian Presence Requirements (CPR) to be able to register .ca domains.

Register domains with Sitejet

To register a domain through Sitejet you will need to access the Domain Manager for the respective website. You can find different ways to access the Domain Manager here.
Once you opened the domain manager click on "+ Domain" in the right corner, enter your desired domain, and click "Search". If the domain is still available you can click "Register domain". 

You will now see a form to check the information that will be used for the domain handle (domain owner information). It will automatically use the information that was entered as customer data for the website but can be manually changed if needed. 

Once you click "Register now liable to costs" the domain will be purchased and added to your account. It is up to you whether you pass on the costs directly to your customer or charge the price to your customer within the project. Please note that the domain subscription with Sitejet will automatically renew after a year to ensure continuous ownership of the domain and availability of the website. All information about the renewal date and the upcoming costs for the domain will also be visible in the domain manager.

If a domain is already registered it is not possible to register the domain via Sitejet. If either you or your customer is already the owner of the domain you can connect that domain with your Sitejet website by using an A-Record or by transferring the domain to Sitejet.
Here are some other helpful articles: 

Special character domains (IDN)

Special character domains (IDNs) are not supported by DNS. That is why they need to be converted into a worldwide uniformly know form called ASCII. With Sitejet you don't need to convert the special domain yourself, but simply add it to the search field with diacritical signs and Sitejet will automatically convert them for you into the so-called "Punycode".  If you like you can see how a domain with diacritical signs looks like when it's converted you can do so with this punycode converter (or IDN converter).

Although the converted version of the domain looks different you can use still use the special character domains to search for them in the browser.

Cancel a Sitejet domain

If you want to cancel a domain with us, please send an email to, and if you want to transfer the domain to another provider via an auth code (also known as an authorization code, EPP code, or transfer key) before that you can find a step-by-step-instruction for that here.

Customize advanced DNS settings

DNS settings manage forwarding to other servers, mail servers, or other IP addresses. You can manage the DNS settings in the Domain Manager. See the section on " Registering Sitejet Domains" for instructions on opening the Domain Manager. In the Domain Manager, click on "Actions"  and select "DNS" to go to the DNS settings for a domain registered via Sitejet.

You will find fields for the typically used DNS record attributes. If you want to use more advanced DNS records like SRV please follow these guidelines:

Name: "_*service*._*protocol*" (without ", *something* = placeholder) 

Value: "*weight* *port* *target/value/wert/etc.*" (without ", *something* = placeholder) 

Please replace for example *weight* with the actual "weight" value required for this specific DNS record. The same goes for the other placeholders. An example would be:

Service Protocol Port Weight Priority TTL  Name Type Target
_sip _tls 443 1 100 3600 @ SRV

would turn into the following in Sitejet:

Name Priority Type TTL Value
_sip._tls 100 SRV 3600 1 443

TIP: Correct settings ensure that the website is always accessible. If you are unsure about these settings, our support team would be happy to help you.


Here are some common terms that you will probably encounter when managing your domains with Sitejet.

  • A Record - An A record refers a domain or subdomain to an IP address. If you connect a third-party domain to your website, two A Records are required. You can find more information on this in our article about connecting a third-party domain.
  • CNAME record - CNAME records specify that one domain name is an alias for another. These entries are particularly important in connection with white labeling. They allow you to use the Sitejet portals using your own domain, including your own branding. Further information can be found in the article on white labeling.
  • DNS - DNS are web servers that translate the IP address of a website into a readable domain name. If you are using a third-party domain with Sitejet, you will need to change your DNS settings in your account with your domain host. Short for "Domain Name Server" (or "System"). You can read more about what exactly needs to be set when publishing a website in this article.
  • IP Address - Your IP address is a unique string of numbers that uniquely identifies your device or server on the Internet. Because numbers are hard to remember, domains are used. DNS servers or name servers are required so that browsers can convert these domains back into IP addresses.
  • Nameserver - A nameserver is a specialized server that tells a browser which website to visit when your domain name is entered in the address bar. If you purchased a domain from a third-party provider, you should keep your provider's default settings for your nameservers.
  • Main domain -  Your main domain is the domain you use as your primary domain if you have multiple domains for the same site. All other domains redirect to this domain. If, for example, you use the domains "" and "" for the same website, one of these domains will be set as the main domain; the other domain will redirect to this domain after being called. This is important for search engine optimization, among other things. You can switch the main domain at any time.
  • Subdomain - An extension of your domain name that redirects to your website. For example, the domains and are subdomains of
  • TLD - Also known as a domain extension. A TLD (Top Level Domain) is the most general part of a domain name in an Internet address. The TLD always follows the last point of a URL. The extensions .com, .org, and .net, for example, are TLDs. However, there are also TLDs that are split in two:, for example.
  • - A public directory of Internet records that provides information about all registered domains, including the contact information of the owner, availability, and the registrar.

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