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In this article, you will learn possible ways to include videos in your web project.

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How to embed a YouTube- or Vimeo-Video in Sitejet

The process of adding a YouTube-Video is the same as a Vimeo-Video. Let's focus on YouTube here, you will see why. The easiest way to embed a YouTube video is by copying the URL of the video and pasting it into our YouTube element

Let's create a video element first. For this, please click on elements in the left panel. There, you will find YouTube between a Vimeo and basic video element.

You are also able to add a container and add an Element via "Add Content". 

Now, choose the YouTube-Element and drag it into the area.

Paste the YouTube URL to load the video. Let's have a brief look at your options here:

  • Aspect ratio: Adjust the Aspect Ratio of your video.
  • Lazy Load: This setting determines whether the video shall be loaded in advance or only after hitting the play button.
  • Show controls: This will enable or disable the play button, volume control etc.
  • Show related videos: After the video has ended, there will be a list of suggested videos from YouTube, when this is enabled.

Congratulation, you have been rickrolled.

Embedding video files directly

It is of course possible to upload your own videos to the media manager and display them easily on your website. Let's show you how to include this video in your website:

Let's create a video element first again. For this, please click on elements in the left panel. There, you will find basic Video Element right next to the YouTube-Element and the Vimeo-Element. 

You are also able to add a container and add an Element via "Add Content". Now, choose the Video-Element and drag it into the area.

It is now possible to add a video directly from the Media Manager and also add a preview image. In between, you find settings to adjust the behavior of the video. 

Now you select the video you like from the Media Manager and set a Preview Image. 

The Preview Image can be uploaded directly through the Media Manager or from your desktop. Videos need to be uploaded first due to their size. 

Done! Aaaaand, you have been rickrolled again. Congrats!

Before you upload a video, you might want to think about compressing it and adjust it to use it on your website. There are many free tools on the internet. If you have uploaded a video that will not work on your website, please first try another format. The most common formats are: MP4, MOV, WMV and WebM. If you are still having trouble with the video, please contact the Sitejet Support for additional help.

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