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Presets are pre-built website modules providing a container with a set of elements as well as customizable styling.

Most presets provide variants and settings to customize your website into several dimensions.

For example the gallery preset lets you choose between several pre-built variants to give your gallery a stunning look that fits to your style. Variants are just sets of options. You can narrow your preset to your needs by using the settings below.

Chosen settings are always written to your CSS. So you can always keep track of what's happening to the code and add your own like in the following example:

Each preset does have a unique class (e.g. .preset-gallery-default). Upon importing a preset a new block of CSS will automatically be added at the end of the Custom CSS window. These include a couple variables that are the same as the ones inside the preset setting panel. Which means changing variables in each one will affect the other. 

In case you build two sections with the same preset, but want one to be different (e.g. a different amount of columns for desktop view) you can change the preset class and it will add a new CSS block under a new class name, so the settings of the former preset will not be altered.

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