Websites provide different types of media and information. An intuitive way to organize that information is crucial for a great user (read "website visitor") experience. In Sitejet you can easily set up great-looking menus and navigation bars and in this article, we will show you how.

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Adding pages to your website

Wistia video thumbnail

This video was recorded in the old UI. We will update this video soon.

Wistia video thumbnail

This video was recorded in the old UI. We will update this video soon.

Trying to create a submenu within your regular navigation? We've got you covered! Both our page manager and customizable presets do all the hard lifting, leaving you with more time to do the fun stuff. Let's show you an example.

Open the page manager. First, you need to create your subpages. Simply click on "New page". Notice the 3 parallel lines next to the page name? You can drag and drop your pages to change their order. In order to create a subpage simply drag it beneath the page that shall be the parent. Then keep dragging the subpage to the right until it snaps into place which is also indicated by the orange arrow (see screenshot).

You can also create new pages from this subpage once you created at least one by clicking the duplicate icon. In the DOM (or HTML structure) this will create a new submenu unordered list into your existing menu and attribute classes automatically. In case you want to take it from here, you are all set! 

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