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To add webfonts to your site simply use the integrated Font Manager:

Here you can either browse a huge variety of webfonts (provided by Google Fonts) or upload your own to be embedded into your website. We recommend uploading WOFF and WOFF2 formats. Should you have another format available you can use the Font Squirrel Webfont Generator to convert fonts to Webfont formats (such as WOFF). 

Preview every font with your own text by simply changing it. Use the copy icon (see the red circle below) to apply your preview text to all previews:

By default, selected fonts will be loaded with Regular font weight. To enable different weights or even languages, use Options to select all needed weights:

Use provided checkboxes to use a selected font as your default font or special font:

You can also choose the selected fonts in the text editor:

Important Notice: Every selected font needs to be downloaded by visitors, so try to keep the number of selected fonts and chosen weights as low as possible (2-3)

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