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With the Website Generator, you can automatically create a website design using the information saved in the Customer Portal, like texts and images. This article explains how the Website Generator efficiently does the creation for you.

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Basic knowledge

To use the website generator efficiently, the customer portal offers you significant advantages.You can learn more about how to invite your customers to the project and how to work efficiently with them in the CRM in the linked articles. Your customers' requirements and wishes can also be submitted and handled from within the CRM. 

Tip: Inspire your customers with the Customer Portal and show them how easy it is to work together. It is no longer necessary to share pictures and other information via email or other tools. Both you and your customer can save a lot of time during the creation of the website, meaning your customer will reap the benefits of their great new website faster and spend time concentrating on their core business. 

Using the Website Generator to create a first draft

Once your customer has shared relevant information and wishes with you in the Customer Portal, you can have the first draft of the website created automatically with just a few clicks. 

Follow these steps to use the Website Generator:

  1. In the Manager View, click on "•••" and
  2. Click "Generate website".

You will then be presented with a screen in which all the information you and/or your client entered is displayed. If you already which header or footer most closely corresponds to your customer's wishes, you can specify this in the "Design" field. Under "Content", you can also select presets to be used in the respective sections, saving you some additional effort.

For example, if you click on one of the fields next to "Use preset", a drop-down list will appear with all available presets, as shown in the picture below:

Check all information carefully, and then click on "Generate Website". 

The website will then be created. You can now edit and further customize it by clicking "Edit Website" on the overview page.

If you need further help or inspiration in creating your website, check out our article about Sitejet's Website Builder. Also, on our help page, you'll find a number of articles detailing Sitejet's presets and elements.

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