Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Customer Portal

In this article, we cover the most frequently asked questions. If you have another question that has not been discussed here please feel free to contact our support team.

Note: This article focusses on features that are currently exclusive for Sitejet Studio. If you are using Sitejet with cPanel or Plesk, please raise your wish to implement this feature with your partners and via support.

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Does a picture that has been edited in the website builder get saved in the customer portal, too?

No, by editing the picture you technically only put a "filter" onto that picture. You can save and download this filtered picture by right-clicking this new version and download it with "save under". This downloaded, new picture can then of course be uploaded to the customer portal.

Where can I manage E-Mails?

Go to the customer portal by typing "" into your browser's address bar and using your credentials as a client and then click "Emails" or click the "Customer View" button in the Detail View of the website and then select "Emails" of the available pages/entry points. Here you are able to add new email addresses if your domain is set up in the Domain Manager already, change credentials or remove existing email addresses.

Can I use the customer portal while being offline?

No, Sitejet is a cloud-based tool. You will always need an internet connection in order to access and log into the customer portal or the CMS. If your internet connection gets lost after you logged in, your progress will be saved and uploaded once you are online again.

Where can I download files in the CRM?

All files are available for download in the customer portal under "File Manager". In the CRM you can also generate a direct link for your clients to download specific files with just a few clicks.

Can the customer freely choose a password? Does the customer always have access to the portal?

Yes, your customer can select his/her own password. With that, he/she can always access the customer portal. This way he/she can work independently on the requirements, wishes, and feedback - which you can then implement on your own schedule.

Can my client do the preparation in the customer portal on his/her own?

Absolutely, that's what it is designed for so that you can save as much time as possible.

Can the client provide feedback, change requests, or provide further files/images, etc. during the creation of the website?

Yes, your client can always use the customer portal to provide wishes or upload files. You can also show him/her the current status of the website and what it looks like right now by sending him/her the invitation link. From there your client can directly provide feedback for specific elements of that website. This invitation link can be created by clicking "Customer View" in the on the Detail View of the website and then clicking "Create invitation link".

Is content, the client provides in the customer portal, automatically added to the website?

That is possible. Information your client provides under "Wishes" can be incorporated automatically with our 1-Click-Generator. For this click on "Actions" on the Detail View of the website and then click "Generate Website". That's all it takes to get a first draft.

Is there an FTP-Account/Server?

No need for that: All the files can be uploaded by you or your client from within the customer portal/the file manager respectively.

Can I directly use texts from the wishes section?

That's exactly what it's for. Sitejet is built so that you can save as much time as possible while keeping you from having do to the same work your client already did. Now, by using the Website Generator under "Actions" on the Detail View of the website -> "Generate Website" you get your first draft including the texts within a few seconds. Only magic can be faster ;-)

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