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For every website you publish, Sitejet gives you the option to set up and manage email accounts for your customers simply and conveniently. This allows you to offer an additional service to your customers, for which you can charge accordingly. This article will show you how to create and manage email addresses in Sitejet.

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Basic knowledge

Email accounts can be managed via Sitejet after the associated domain and email addresses have been activated in the Domain Manager meaning that the Usage is set to "Published" or "Email only". If the domain is hosted externally it is necessary to point two MX records to Sitejet in the DNS settings of the domain. For more detail, please see our article on how to publish a website.

Make sure that you activate both website hosting ("Published" or "Email only") and the email services in the Domain Manager so that you or your customer can use the email addresses and the webmail tool.

Tip: Use email addresses that belong to your domain. For example, if you have registered "", you can create email addresses such as "", "" or "".

If you are using a third-party hosted domain, please make sure that the MX records are set as described in our help article about connecting a third-party domain.

Customer Portal

Sign in to the customer portal to set up email or email forwarding. As a Sitejet user, you can simply click on "Customer Portal" in the workflow bar in Detail View and then on "Emails". Your customers may log in conveniently via "" with their login details after you have invited them to the project. If you have activated white labeling, they are able to register via "". 

From the customer portal, you or your customers can simply click on "Emails" in the menu on the left to open the email manager.

Set up a new email address

In the email manager, you or your customer can create a new email address. Make sure that "Mailbox" is selected in the first dropdown menu.

Tip: If you are creating the website for your own agency, you can set up your "" or "" email address here, too.

Then, you can give the new mailbox a name by entering "", "info", or whatever you would like to come before the @ and the domain name. Under "Password" and "Repeat", enter a password for the email address and repeat it to confirm. This is necessary in order to access incoming emails with either the webmail tool or with external programs like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

If several domains have been registered for this website, the domain you would like to use for this email address can be selected from the second drop-down menu. Finally, click "Create" to set up the email address.

Tip: The password should have a minimum length of 8 characters, as well as at least one capital letter, one number, and one special character to ensure security.

Set up forwarding

In the email manager, you or your customer can set up email forwarding. First, select "Forward" rather than "Mailbox" in the first drop-down menu. Then, in the "Source" field, enter the email address from which you would like to forward emails. Here, only the part before the @ is required. Select the domain, i.e. everything after the @, from the drop-down menu. Enter the destination email address in the input field on the right. All emails sent to the source email address will be forwarded to this email address.

Finally, click "Create" to activate forwarding.

Tip: If you manage your own website and domain via Sitejet, you can forward your "" address to the "" address here. This way, emails from customers with a customer email address stored in the project will directly be assigned to the corresponding project.

This feature is not available for you?

This feature is currently exclusively available for Sitejet Studio . If you are using the Sitejet Builder via cPanel or Plesk, it is very likely that this feature is not yet available for you. If you have any questions about this or need help with an alternative implementation, please contact the support team of the respective platform. It is also possible to submit your vote for a feature request there.

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