In this article, you will learn everything about the Wishes section in the customer portal and why this is a valuable feature during your sales process, and for preparing websites that your customers have dreamed of.

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General information

The Wishes section in the Customer Portal is an easy-to-use and fun way to gather all necessary information like content, files, and requirements of your customers to create their dream website. This "pre-design survey" or "Briefing" covers all topics that are important for the website creation, e.g. does your customer already have a specific design in mind? Should you use the logo colors for the color scheme of the website? What kind of content should be displayed on the website? Does your customer have social media accounts that you should display on the website?

You can go through the Wishes with your customers or simply give your customers access to their very own customer portal to upload all necessary information by themselves - whenever they have time to prepare this part. 

Tip: We recommend using this tool during the sales process when you are talking to a potential customer. This is a great way to show that you are a professional who already prepared a questionnaire. 


In the Inspiration section, your customers have the chance to:

  1. Add links to websites or designs they like
  2. Upload images or files that reflect their website ideas and
  3. Comment on their input if they like

This section is perfect for getting an idea of how your customers' websites should look like and what kind of style they are looking for. 


Your customers can decide if they prefer a multi-pager or a one-pager design. 

In this section, your customers can upload their logo. If they don't have a logo they can either select to use optimal lettering of their name as logo or they can ask you to contact their graphic designer etc. to get all necessary files and formats directly from the source. 


In this section, your customers can select the website's color scheme.

  1. If they have a previous website that already displays their preferred colors - or any other website they like - they have the possibility to share a link to this website.
  2. If the source of the color scheme should be their logo, the integrated corporate identity detection automatically extracts the main colors from the uploaded logo and gives your customers the possibility to select up to three colors (see example above). If your customers haven't uploaded a logo in the previous step, but select this option, they will be asked to upload a logo first.
  3. Your customers also have the possibility to pick colors themselves.


In this section, your customers can add the content they want to display on their website. 

  1. They can add a headline or title for a section or subpage.
  2. They can add content like text, tables, lists, etc. that they want to show in this specific section.
  3. They can upload files like images, pdf, or text files for this section. 
  4. If they have a previous website that already shows the content they want to display, they can also add a link to that website, so you can import the content as explained here.  
  5. If they don't have any images for this section they can ask you to use stock photos. 
  6. They can add another section in this container to show that the content is connected.
  7. They can create a completely new section or subpage (e.g. the first section/subpage is About us and the second section/subpage is Services)


In this section, your customer can add their contact data, opening hours, and social media accounts.

Under Legal, your customers can add information about the site notice - if applicable - as well as content or a link for the privacy policy or any other GDPR-related topics like a cookie policy.

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