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Integrated shop solutions have become standard on many websites. In the articles on how to add a third-party shop and how to set up an Ecwid shop, we show you how to integrate an e-commerce shop within Sitejet. If you use the Ecwid shop integration in Sitejet, your customer can manage their products directly from their Customer Portal.

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Basic knowledge

This article is about how your customer can manage their Ecwid shop from the Customer Portal. If you need further help to add the Ecwid shop, you can find more information in our dedicated Ecwid shop article.It is not possible to connect third-party store solutions to the Customer Portal or manage them in the Website Editor. These can only be managed via login in their dashboards.

Managing the e-commerce store

As soon as an Ecwid shop is integrated into the website from the Website Builder (CMS), your customer will be able to find the "Commerce" area in their customer portal. By clicking on "Login to commerce", the customer will be able to directly access their Ecwid account from within Sitejet without having to log into another website.

On the Ecwid help page, you will find many tips and tricks for managing a shop.

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