Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

This article explains what commissioned data processing in the context of GDPR is, when a data processing agreement (DPA) is necessary and what kind of data processing Sitejet does for you.

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What is commissioned data processing?

Commissioned data processing according to GDPR applies when a company (controller) commissions an external service provider (contractor) to process (e.g. analyze or store) personal data in an instruction-bound manner. This means that the responsibility for data processing in compliance with data protection law remains with the client, while the contractor is considered a supporting partner. 

Do I need a DPA?

A DPA is required when the service provided by an external company involves the processing of personal data in an instruction-bound manner - if this has not already been contractually specified. The agreement regulates the rights and obligations of both parties with regard to these data processing activities.

What kind of data processing is done by Sitejet?

The following services are considered as commissioned data processing:
  • Providing statistics on user behavior of website visitors in the Detail View and customer portal
  • Providing and forwarding of form entries (e.g. contact forms)
  • Forwarding of email addresses from blog comments and guestbook entries 
  • Administration of customer data

How can I sign a DPA with Sitejet?

To conclude a data processing agreement with Sitejet, we ask you to download this document, fill out page 1 and sign it on page 6 as the controller. Once you're done you can send the document to You will then receive a signed version from Sitejet for your records.

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