Elements - Custom Error Pages

Having custom error pages shows that you care about your visitors. Usually there will be an ugly notice that something went wrong, but does not help how to resolve it or no fast way to return to the functioning part of your website. Luckily Sitejet helps you set up error pages for most common errors 403 and 404 in no time by changing the page type! Read ahead for more detailed information. 

You can create, edit and remove pages in the page manager. Learn more about creating pages and subpages

Give the new page a Title like Error 404, so you can find it quickly later on. This will also show on the browser tab of the website eventually. The URL will be created automatically for you.

Next open SEO & details for more options.

Be sure to uncheck the Navigation option. This will prevent the navigation from showing it as an accessible subpage to visit.

You can leave Link, Password and Subdomain as it is.

This is the important part: make sure you choose the particular error page you want to display. You can choose between 404 page, 403 page and Content. Content ist the default.

Once you created the new page and chose the type accordingly you can open it and design your error page, like you would any other content page. You might want to leave it as a quick note that something went wrong and provide a means to return to the front page, like in the image above. You can also give more detailed explainations or get really  cute about it. It's your choice!

Tipp: you can duplicate your error page and change the Name and Type, to built your second error page even faster! Simply click the Duplicate icon next to your menu item Name.

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