Design settings

Under Design, you can define site-wide, or global, design options such as font size, color, layout settings, buttons, and more to ensure a consistent style across the whole page. 


Theme Settings are now called Design. Furthermore, this video was recorded in the old UI. We will update this video soon.

To define design settings click on Design in the top navigation.

You will see different tabs under Design which allow you to site-wide define:

  • Text: You can select the font, font color, font size, line height, etc. that should be used for default texts, bold text, and links. You can also define this for the headlines H1 to H6. 
  • Colors: Choose your color scheme for the website. Define background color, primary color, secondary color, and font color. You can also pre-select custom colors. All colors that you have defined here will be visible in all settings where you can select a color. 
  • Buttons: Define text, color, border, spacing, shadow, and other options for your buttons - in default state but also on hover/active. 
  • Layout: Under Spacer, you can define the site’s global container width and padding. Under Features, you can select transition duration and function under features to define how a dropdown menu behaves. 
  • Store: Determine how different store elements are displayed. 

These are the global settings that will be applied to each new element. However, you can overwrite those settings on an element or preset level. 

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