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Use the Add content button (or press [Ctrl]+[Enter] / [Cmd]+[Enter]) in your menu bar to open the content panel:

From here you can add three types of elements by dragging them onto your website (or double-clicking to add them after the currently selected element):

  • Presets are pre-built website modules providing a container with elements and customizable styling like a complete website header or detail sections. We recommend to work as much as possible with presets as it saves you a lot of time building your website.
  • Elements are basic parts of your website, like headlines, images and texts, but also galleries, contact forms and many more.

  • Form-elements can only be placed inside a form container (which can be found in Elements) and lets you build custom contact forms

Move content

To move elements or containers, just drag&drop them to a different position on your website. 

Advanced users will use the keyboard to move elements around by using the arrow keys to navigate through elements. By holding the [Ctrl] or [Cmd] key you can use the arrow keys to move elements around. By holding [Ctrl]+[Shift] you move elements on the same hierarchy level.

Edit content

Use doubleclick, the contextmenu or press [Enter] on a selected element to open an element in its edit mode.

Deleting content

Selected elements can be removed by pressing the [Del] key or using the context menu.

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