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Sitejet offers you several tools to make your life as a web designer easier. In addition to the Feedback tool, which shortens the feedback loop between you and your customer until project completion, a simplified CMS is also available to your customers in the Customer Portal. This allows them to make changes themselves quickly and easily, without requiring much technical know-how.

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Basic knowledge

In order for your customers to access the simplified CMS from the Customer Portal, it is necessary that you have first released at least one element for editing. We will show you how to do this in the following section. Furthermore, it is important that the website has either the "Feedback" or "Done" status so that you and your customer do not accidentally get in the way of each other when editing the website.

The customer CMS itself is a simplified form of the CMS. It allows your customers to make changes on their own. Programming skills and technical experience are not required.

There is also the possibility to give the customer "full access" to the website. This gives the customer the possibility to edit everything, remove all elements, and add new elements. Before giving full access to any less technically skilled customers, please be aware that they can very quickly cause errors by accident. Therefore, only grant full access to customers who already have experience creating websites.

To do this, click on "Website" in the menu bar at the top of the Website Builder. The website settings will now open on the right side. If the "General" tab is not selected, click it. By checking the box "Full access for the customer" here, you grant full access to the customer.

Release elements for editing

You can allow your customer to edit parts of the website which you specify, by releasing elements for editing by your customer.

  1. Right-click the element you want to release for editing by your customer
  2. Move your mouse over "Editable for customer" to see the further options
  3. Select from the options "This element", "All elements of this type" and "All elements on this page

"This element": With this option, only the single selected element is released. All other elements of this type remain unaffected.

"All elements of the same type": With this option, for example, all elements of the same type as the selected element can be released for this page without having to release all elements individually (all text elements if a text element is selected or all heading elements if a heading element is selected, etc.).

"All elements on this page": With this option, all elements placed on this page can be made editable with a single click.

Simplified customer CMS

As soon as you have released at least one element for editing and the website has the status "Feedback", "Publish", or "Done", your customer will find the menu item "Edit website" in their Customer Portal. By clicking on this, they will be taken to the following view

The blue bar is displayed to indicate that this view is not your own portal, but your customer's. Of course, this bar is not shown to the customer.

By clicking on "Edit website now", your customer is taken to the simplified CMS:

Here it is immediately noticeable that several elements of the normal CMS are missing in the menu bar. There are no website or design settings, no content can be added, and various previews are also not available. Therefore, a "Collections" menu item has been added to provide quick access to the Collections entries. Furthermore, as already mentioned, only those elements that have been released for editing can be edited. 

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