Simplified CMS for your customer


How to enable your customer to edit parts of the website

Another powerful feature is that you can enable your customer to edit parts of the website. In this guide we will show you how step-by-step.

Determine editable content

By right-clicking any element and selecting Editable for customer you can enable access to the Customer CMS and specific elements to be edited. With the checkmark visible you enabled only this element, all elements of the same type or all elements on this page to be edited. Blocking the element(s) from being edited is as easy as clicking again to remove the checkmark.

Accessing the Customer CMS from the Dashboard

Once the status of this project has been set to Done , Feedback or Publish (see #1) and at least one element is set as editable, your customer can now go to Customer View in the Dashboard to find the Customer CMS (see #2).

A new card appeared, called Edit Website (see #3). Once clicked your customer needs to hit Edit Website now on the following page to access the Customer CMS.

Simplified CMS for your Customers

Your customer will get all the functions he needs to edit content, but not all the functions Sitejet has to offer. This way he can edit parts of his page that are considered "safe" and will not break the layout or design. This is how our editable element will look like in Customer CMS:

Customers will be able to edit headlines, texts, images, galleries and sliders. Furthermore they are able to duplicate containers and remove them within adjustable limits (also see  Minimum/Maximum Count)

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