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Sitejet offers you several tools to make your life as a web designer easier. In addition to the Feedback tool, which shortens the feedback loop between you and your customer until project completion, a simplified CMS is also available to your customers in the Customer Portal. This allows them to make changes themselves quickly and easily, without requiring much technical know-how.

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Make elements editable for customers

You can decide which elements of a website can be edited by your customer. To do so, right-click on the element you want to make editable. Hover over the option "Editable for customer" and select the option that works best for your use case: 

  • This element: With this option, only the single selected element is released. All other elements of this type remain unaffected.
  • All elements of the same type: With this option, all elements of the same type as the selected element can be released for this page without having to release all elements individually (e.g. all text elements if a text element is selected or all heading elements if a heading element is selected, etc.).
  • All elements on this page: With this option, all elements placed on this page can be made editable with a single click.

Your selection will be indicated by a checkmark. If you would like to revoke edit rights for your customer simply click on your chosen option(s) again.

Simplified customer CMS

Your customers can open the simplified CMS in their customer portal under "Edit website". This feature is available once you have made elements editable on the website and if the website is a status that shows this feature. 

Under Settings > Statuses you will find a good overview of the statuses and the connected customer portal features that are available for your customer. 

By clicking on "Edit website now", your customer is taken to the simplified CMS. Your customer will only be able to edit the elements that you made editable and has only limited access to features, e.g. you can see that the options in the top navigation are very limited for your customer: 

Full CMS access for your customers

You can also give your customers full access to the CMS. To activate this option, click on "More" and select "Website settings". 

Your customers still use the customer portal to access their website, but now they have full access to all features the CMS has to offer - meaning they have the same access and edit rights that you have in the CMS. That's why we recommend activating this only for tech-savvy customers.

How to access the customer CMS from the Detail View

If you would like to check the CMS features your customers can access in their customer portal you can have a look by accessing the customer portal via the Detail View. As mentioned above, this feature will only be available if you made elements editable and if the website is in one of the statuses that show this feature. When you are in the Detail View of a website click on "Customer Portal" and select "Edit website". This will open the customer portal in a new tab. Simply click on the button in the middle and you will be redirected to the simplified customer CMS that your customers will also access. 

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