The Business plan contains Whitelabel functionality, which means that the entire Sitejet platform (including the Customer Portal) can be displayed with your Corporate Identity on a custom domain.

 To enable this for you, please make sure that you booked the right plan and send the following details to help@sitejet.io:

  • Your logo in a PNG format. Ideally your logo has an aspect ratio of 3:1 and is at least 400px wide.
  • A color that will be used as a highlight color throughout the entire platform. Usually this is the primary brand color. Please provide this value as hexadecimal (e.g. #16a085 for the Sitejet color) or RGB value.
  • An unregistered custom domain that we'll register for you, for example: acme-websites.com. The admin panel will then be available on partner.acme-websites.com, the customer portal will be available on my.acme-websites.com and so on.
  • Your desired e-mail address for your customers e-mails (mainly for change requests), like service@acme-websites.com
After providing these details, we will enable your whitelabeled website platform within 48 hours during regular weekdays.

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