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Websites are becoming more and more demanding, both in terms of design and image quality. In this article, we'll show you how to add stock images from two of the most popular stock photo sites to Sitejet with just a few clicks. Using this method saves you time by eliminating the need for downloading stock images from Fotolia or Shutterstock and uploading them to Sitejet manually.

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Basic knowledge

High-quality images can be very expensive if you make them yourself: models, a professional photographer, the subsequent image editing⁠—it all adds up. That's why stock photos have become so popular in recent years. These are licensed professional images that can be purchased and used on your website.

For this, there are many sites that offer professional and amateur photography for different prices. Two of the best-known sites selling stock photos are "Shutterstock" and "Adobe Stock".

Add stock photos

With Sitejet, you don't have to download and upload stock photos to use them in your website project since our platform allows you to retrieve them directly from two of the most popular stock photo websites. 

Connect to your Fotolia or Shutterstock account in your Company Settings in Sitejet by following these steps:

  1. Click on your profile in the top right corner of the Sitejet Website Project Manager

  2. Click "Settings" to open the "Company Settings"

In the area called "Connect Stockphoto Accounts", you can connect your accounts for Adobe Stock and/or Shutterstock.

Once you have connected your account(s) to Sitejet, you can access images from these portals directly from within the Media Manager.

To access the Media Manager, follow the steps below:

  1. Move your mouse over "Website" in the upper menu bar of the Website Builder (CMS).

  2. Click on "Media"

By clicking on the "Fotolia import" or "Shutterstock import" tabs, you can automatically load the image into the Media Manager using the respective stock photo ID.

We'll show you how to integrate images from the Media Manager into your website in our article about adding images in Sitejet.

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