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The integrated Website Check is a helpful tool to detect common mistakes that might occur on your website. 

Check websites

Sitejet's Website Check goes through a list of technical and SEO-relevant criteria.

There are different ways to access the website check. Since it is mostly part of the Audit status, you will find a button directly in the workflow bar of the website's Detail View, if the website is in Audit. 

If the website is currently not in the status Audit you can also access the website check by clicking on "Actions".

You'll find the same option when clicking on the ellipsis icon in the kanban view.

If you click on "Check website" you'll get an overview of all the criteria that will be audited during the website check like Headlines. Here the check looks for headlines and if they're structured correctley. You can select and de-select the criteria as you like. Just click on "Run selected checks" to start the website check. 

When the check is done, you'll get a list of all the errors that were found. You can convert this list directly into to-dos.

If you click on "Create to-dos", the to-dos will be visible in the website's Detail View as well as in the CMS where there already attached to the respective element and/or subpage. 

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