How to convince your boss to choose Sitejet

Using the right tool when building websites can save you a lot of time, and allow you to have more fun at work, be more creative, and take on more profitable, high-quality projects. If you're a fan of Sitejet and you want to show your boss why Sitejet is the right platform to use, this article will provide you with all the arguments and talking points you need to pitch your boss on making the switch.

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Basic knowledge

As web designers, we're generally more concerned with maximizing the time we have available for creative work so we can create beautiful, quality websites. Bosses, on the other hand, also have to concern themselves with the financial side of the equation. How can switching to Sitejet satisfy both sides?

You already know why Sitejet is the right tool for you and your colleagues. You can get your boss on the same page by using the key arguments we've put together for you. Business owners and managers tend to look first at costs and the level of effort required to switch platforms. But, the cost and effort required are far outweighed by the benefits Sitejet offers, for example: the time saved in designing each website, the design flexibility, the improved communication with your customers and team, and the easy-to-use portal for your customers to use, and more. In short: you need the facts, figures, and benefits of using Sitejet at your fingertips to make a convincing case, and that's why we've put together a guide for you. 

Your guide

If you want to convince your boss to switch to Sitejet, it helps to argue the way your boss thinks. We have created a guide for you that gives you an overview of the benefits of Sitejet and that takes into account all stakeholders: the agency, the web designers, and your customers.

You can download the guide as a PDF here.

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