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This article will give you an overview of the differences between Sitejet and Webvisitenkarte.net to make the transition, and the launch of your new website, as easy as possible. 

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Basic knowledge

Sitejet is a further development of Webvisitenkarte.net and is aimed at customers with the desire for flexibility and modern technology for the easy creation of beautiful websites. Sitejet provides all the tools and functions needed to create modern websites. 

In this article, we will briefly explain the most important features. You can find detailed video instructions in our Sitejet Academy. You can also find step-by-step instructions on how to create a website in Sitejet in our article on "Building your first Sitejet "Create website" guide.


Layouts were replaced by templates in Sitejet. While a layout in Webvisitenkarte.net adapts the header and footer area of the website but can be exchanged at any time, a template in Sitejet has much more extensive design variations. This takes even more work off your hands when creating the website. A template is a fully designed website. It is important to decide on the most suitable template at the beginning of the website creation process because changing the template would completely overwrite the current content of the website. You can then adjust the elements and presets within this template according to your desires and/or move them to the desired position. Just like in Webvisitenkarte.net, small "toolbars" are displayed on the respective elements in Sitejet, which can be used to access additional functions or move the elements.


Elements represent the basic building blocks of the website, e.g. adding a heading. The most frequently used elements are the text element, the image element, the headline element, and the video element, which are similar in form to what you would be familiar with from Webvisitenkarte.net. In addition to elements, presets offer additional design properties preset by our designers, which you will learn about in the next section of this article.

For more information about how to use elements, see our help article about "Elements"


Presets combine several elements and provide further design options, almost like "section templates". In general, if you want to implement certain design ideas or integrate certain functions, we recommend that you first search for a suitable preset: Most of the time, there are one or more presets available in addition to a relevant element, which further extends the functionality of the element or makes it easier to use. Examples include the slider presets, the gallery presets, and the accordion preset.

For more information on using presets, see our help article about "Presets".

While individual (sub)pages were called "menu items" in Webvisitenkarte.net, these are called "pages" in Sitejet. You can create additional pages and manage their details such as title, keywords, and description via the page administration. You can access this via the menu bar by clicking on "Pages". 

We'll show you how to create an attractive menu for your website in our help article on "Navigation".

Domain transfer and publication of the website

To move a domain from Webvisitenkarte.net to Sitejet, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new website from the Sitejet Manager View by clicking on the blue "+ Website" button, if you have not already done so. If you have already created a website, skip to step 2. 
  2. Publish your website by clicking "Register domain" on the Manager View under the website name. If you don't have a Sitejet plan yet, you will now be asked to choose one. Our recommendation for Webvisitenkarte.net customers is the "Professional" package. You can find more information about our plans and their various features in our plan overview.  

  3. Send us an email to help@sitejet.io immediately afterward using the following template:
  4. Hi Sitejet Team,

    I would like to move my domain from Webvisitenkarte.net to Sitejet.

    My details:

    • Domain: **mydomain.com**
    • Login email address for Webvisitenkarte: **my@email.com**
    • Login email address for Sitejet: **my@email.com**

    I am aware of the domain costs and accept them. Please also cancel my Webvisitenkarte.net plan as soon as possible.

    Best regards,

    **Your name**

  5. We will add your desired domain to the domain manager and inform you once this is done.
  6. Visit the domain manager and tick the "Active" box to publish the website. (The domain manager can be found by going to the overview page, clicking "More" next to the relevant website, and selecting "Manage domains" from the menu which appears.)

Congratulations: You have published your first Sitejet website!

Further questions

Should you have any further questions, you will find many useful and detailed help articles at help.sitejet.io. You are also welcome to contact us via chat from within Sitejet or via email at help@sitejet.io.

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