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In this article, you will learn everything about Sitejet's integrated Cookie Consent Bar. 

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How to add the Cookie Consent Bar

The Cookie Consent Bar is a native solution from Sitejet that will block all third-party JavaScript until the visitor clicks the button to accept cookies. To add the Cookie Consent Bar click on the "Features" category in the left sidebar and drag and drop the Cookie Consent Bar preset into the website.

Please note that the Cookie Consent Bar will only be added to the site that you are currently working on. To ensure that it will be visible on all sub pages we recommend adding the Cookie Consent Bar to the website's footer and using references.


If you want to exclude specific third party widgets from being blocked, you can add them to the whitelist by adding the following code to your meta tags in the website settings:


You need to replace THIRD-PARTY-DOMAIN by the domain name (or file name) of your third party script, for example:


You can also define multiple URLs using |


or simply use keywords, for example to unblock the Ecwid shop:


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