Domain Expiration Notification

If you have registered a domain with Sitejet, you or your customers probably receive emails from our domain reseller with a subject like "IMPORTANT - ERRP #1 Notice - Domain Expiration Notification". This is a reminder that the registered domain will expire shortly. This email cannot be canceled or changed by Sitejet or you as it is an automatically generated and mandatory email from the domain reseller. 

But no need to worry, you do not have to react to this mail. Sitejet automatically renews the domain if you have not canceled the respective domain subscription with us and if a valid payment method is available in your account. We also recommend you communicate the mail with your clients to avoid any surprises. 

The content of the mail usually looks like this: 

It is possible that the domain reseller will send up to three reminders which is indicated in the subject line of the email. Known subject lines for this mail are: 

1. "IMPORTANT - ERRP #1 Notice - Domain Expiration Notification" 

2. "IMPORTANT - ERRP #2 Notice - Domain Expiration Notification" 

3. "IMPORTANT - ERRP #3 Notice - Domain Expired Notification" 

If you still feel unsure and like us to check on this matter, please email us to the support to check this matter. 

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