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In this article, you will find all the information about the Domain Manager, the general domain list, and how to manage your domains.

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Where can I manage the domains for a website?

It is possible to manage domains either in the Domain Manager of each website or via the general domain list in the top menu. There are different ways to access your domains depending on the view you're currently in:
  1. Accessing the general domain list via the top menu: 

  2. Accessing the domain manager from the Detail View. Click on the "Actions" button and select "Manage domains"

  3. Accessing the Domain Manager from the kanban view of the Manager. You can either click on "Register domain" in the card or click on the ellipsis icon (...) and select "Manage domains". 

  4. Accessing the Domain Manager from the list view of the Manager. Click on "Actions" and select "Manage domains".

  5. Once you open the Domain Manager, you will see this:

Please keep in mind, that you need a paid Sitejet plan to register a domain and publish a website. If you don't have a plan the Domain Manager will automatically redirect you to choose your preferred plan. If you need support on upgrading your plan please get in touch with us via mail.

How to add a domain to a website

There are different ways to add a domain to your Sitejet website. You can choose between the following: 

How to manage domains in the Domain Manager

Once you added one or more domains to the website manager, you will have several options to choose from: 

  1. Domain name
  2. Shows you the domain that you added. The "connection icon" behind the domain name indicates that the domain is not registered with Sitejet but with another provider. 
  3. Usage
  4. This column determines how the domain will be used.
    1. Published: This means that the domain is online and available for others which also means that your website is published (if your website is not available, click on the icon under "Status" for more information). If you select "Published" for a domain it will automatically become the main domain for the website. This will trigger prorated charges for a published website if not included in your plan. 
    2. Redirect: If you want to use another domain to redirect to your website, select "Redirect", add the website's main domain and click "Set!" to activate the redirect. This will not lead to any extra charges for published websites. 
    3. Email only: Select "Email only" to make sure that you can use Sitejet's email services without using the domain as a redirect to your website. This will apply prorated charges for a published website if not included in your plan. 
    4. Disabled: The domain is offline and not in use. No extra charges apply.
  5. SSL
  6. Select to secure the website with an SSL certificate. This is already included in your plan. The process of certification might need up to 48 hours after your last changes to the DNS settings and will only work when the settings are correct! If the SSL certificate is not active after 48 hours of publishing please contact our support.
  7. Email
  8. Select to offer email services with that domain via Sitejet. If this box is checked you will be able to set up mails and even transfer mails from third-party providers.
  9. Status
    1. Green checkmark: Indicates that all settings are correct and the domain should be available. Clicking on the icon will give you further information about the status of the DNS settings and MX Records.
    2. Red error: Indicates that either the domain's DNS settings or the MX records are not set up correctly. If you click on the icon you will get more information about the error and how to fix it. If you need additional help on this please contact our support. 
  10. Price
  11. Shows you the yearly pricing for the domain.
  12. Subscription
  13. Gives you information about the current subscription status of the domain. If you registered the domain with Sitejet it will either show you that the domain subscription is still active then you'll see "Will be renewed on XX/XX/XXXX" as all domain subscriptions will be automatically renewed with Sitejet or if you canceled the domain it will show you "Canceled. Expires on XX/XX/XXXX". 
    If you didn't register the domain with Sitejet you will see "This domain was not registered through Sitejet".
  14. Actions
    1. Register: Click here to register the domain with Sitejet that is currently hosted by another provider. 
    2. Transfer: Click here to transfer the domain away from Sitejet by requesting the auth code. (Only available if the domain is registered through Sitejet)
    3. Move: Click here to move the domain to another website project in your Sitejet account.
    4. DNS: Click here to add or change DNS settings for the website. (Only available if the domain is registered through Sitejet)
    5. Delete: Click here to delete the domain from your account. Deleting the domain will lead to the cancelation of the domain subscription with Sitejet if the domain is registered through Sitejet.
    6. Owner data: Click here to change the handle (information about the domain owner) for the domain. (Only available if the domain is registered through Sitejet)

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