Transfer Sitejet website to another Sitejet account

If you like to move an existing website from your Sitejet account to another Sitejet account, e.g. because you created a website for your customer and want to make it available on his or her own account, please contact our support team after reading the following instructions. 

Set up for success: To make the transition from one account to another as simple and fast as possible follow these steps: 

  1. Your client needs to set up his or her very own Sitejet account and purchase a plan
  2. Send us a mail at with the following information and add your customer in CC: 
    1. Website ID of the respective website (six-digit number in the URL when opening the CMS)
    2. Customer name and email address which is connected to the customer's new Sitejet account 
    3. Information if there is an existing domain connected that needs to be transferred as well 

Please note that each transfer of a website (without the domain) to another account will cost 29.99 USD or 29.99 EUR plus VAT. A website transfer including a domain that is hosted with us will cost 39.99 USD or 39.99 EUR plus VAT

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