Update 18-11-2018

  • Website Check
  • Font Manager
  • Galleries are sortable onpage
  • Pre-select presetes before generating a website
  • Fixed bug where the image editor didn't behave as expected for images cropped through obejct-fit
  • All header presets come with new submenu options and have improved color detection for menu styles

Update 04-11-2018

  • Theme settings only adds values that are different to the default
  • Updated Froala Editor to 2.9.0
  • See template library provided by Sitejet in Templates view
  • All header presets have support for second level submenus
  • Added options for responsive font sizes to theme settings

Update 23-10-2018

  • Collapse theme settings by default and only expand first
  • Do not expand flexbox settings for containers anymore
  • Use PNG favicons in different sizes
  • Website Generator
  • 12 new templates

Update 09-10-2018

  • More usable arrangement of tools in the top headline, especially to change viewports
  • Faster SCSS compiling, thus shorter processing times in preset settings or in the CSS editor
  • Added clickable icons to the breadcrumb for element characteristics
  • Enabled toggling the visibility of elements for mobile devices
  • Added more options to theme settings
  • Added field to configure a Google Analytics property
  • Added field to upload an Open Graph image
  • Improved Drag'n'Drop behavior for presets
  • Filter websites for undone todos or log entries
  • Added Time Tracking
  • Added notification features to keep you updated about changes made by your team

Update 14-08-2018

  • Multi-User support for Sitejet accounts (Business plan)
  • Configuration for Shutterstock and Fotolia accounts for a CMS integration
  • Added option to the CMS for toggling the visibility of elements for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers
  • Added configuration for Google Analytics ID to the CMS
  • Automatically add logo to a manually inserted header preset
  • Highlight active preset variant

Update 21-07-2018

  • Added hyperlink option for container elements
  • Eliminated memory leak within the SCSS compiler

Update 15-07-2018

  • CMS can now suggest presets and replace existing sections by them (available through contextmenu)
  • Re-added the page refresh button to the toolbar
  • Added units (rem, vh) to the spacer element
  • Added confirm buttons to headline and text elements

Update 11-06-2018

  • Files can be dropped directly into the editor
  • Pages can be translated individually

Update 07-06-2018

  • The page manager is also accessible for customers to open all contained pages, but not for editing
  • The colorpicker used for button elements is now the same as in all other places and also shows the custom color palette
  • The breadcrumb shows custom CSS classes at a glance

Update 28-05-2018

  • Languages for multilanguage websites can now be managed in the website settings
  • Improved PNG compression

Update 22-05-2018

CMS v3.1

  • From now on preset settings can be grouped by annotation
  • Presets can be searched in "Add content" panel
  • Customer data can now be managed in `Website settings`
  • Logos can be replaced through a helper in `Website settings` that also performs a color detection and let's you choose from them
  • Elements can now be set to be automatically removed at a specific date
  • Fixed bug with misplaced element borders
  • The viewport set under `View` now affects all opened editor tabs
  • Removed positioning settings for v3 websites
  • Fixed bug that caused problems with css classes containing "ed-"
  • Fast access button to preset settings

My (Customer Portal) v1.7

  • New file manager that lets you move and delete multiple files at the same time

Update 04-05-2018

  • The element panel was replaced by the new `Add content` view, from which elements and presets can be added easily to the website
  • Presets are grouped into categories
  • Repeatable containers can now be easily duplicated or removed by `+` and `-` shortcut buttons
  • Pressing Ctrl+A (Mac: Cmd+A) now selects all elements
  • Simplified usage of the `View` menu by reducing number of viewports to choose from and reducing mouse distances
  • Autoformatting code is now bound to Ctrl+I

Update 17-01-2018

  • Fixed bug where css class got lsot when changing a document
  • Fix bug where autoformatting removed multiline @include statements
  • Loading preset settings does not block the user interface anymore
  • Improved speed of saving through using C-based SCSS compiler on backend side
  • Fixed bug where the website generator added the same mixins multiple times

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