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Banner images, sometimes also called "Heros", are part of the "header", i.e. the upper part of the website. This part is often referred to as "above the fold" and is the area that is visible without scrolling. It also contains a clear menu structure. In this article, we help you understand how to add banner images in Sitejet.

In order to relieve you of as much work as possible, Sitejet provides you with several header presets. These can be adapted to your individual preferences.

To add a header preset to your website, click on the "Header" category in the left sidebar, select your preferred header and drag and drop it onto your website.

Here, you have the choice between different designs. With a few programming skills, you can also create your own headers.

Within the headers you can, depending on the preset, replace the background image with a slider, or vice versa, and further customize your website.

It's not only the elements and presets that are decisive for the design, but also the classes assigned to them. If you're exchanging individual elements or presets within the header, make sure you adopt or customize the classes to ensure a beautiful design.

For more information on how to create beautiful websites efficiently, check out our other articles on Sitejet's elements and presets.

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