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In this article, you will learn all about integrating Usercentrics' consent management solution into Sitejet.

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About Usercentrics

Usercentrics is CMP (Consent Management Provider) that offers a consent banner (also known as Cookie bar). According to established law, technically unnecessary cookies, as well as tracking and analytics services, may only be set and used on websites if the website visitor has given his or her explicit consent. For a GDPR-compliant solution the following requirements must be met:

  • the visitor must be informed about the scope of the processing of personal data
  • the purpose of the data processing must be explained in an understandable manner and presented categorically
  • the visitor must have the possibility to revoke the consent at any time

Important: Please note that this is not legal advice. For an extensive and professional consultation on the subject of GDPR, we advise you to contact a lawyer.

For this purpose Usercentrics has developed a consent management solution: 

Integrating Usercentrics

To integrate Usercentrics into your website you will need to register an account with Usercentricsr. Once that's done you will find all instructions from Usercentrics here.

Once you copied the script you can head over to Sitejet and open the CMS for the respective website. Go to  More > SEO and paste the code into the meta tags section: 

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