Uptime, security and availability

In this article, you will find all information about Sitejet's uptime, security, and availability: 

  • All parts of our hosting infrastructure are set up in a redundant way for maximum availability
  • Website and application uptime in the last 12 months is 99.99%.
  • We already have a lot of Sitejet users are monitoring some of their websites 24/7 and are excited about their long-term results
  • We ensure geographic distribution of databases
  • Our databases are backed up incrementally to be able to restore all data in the worst case (IF there is one)
  • We use sophisticated load balancing to handle unexpected traffic peaks 
  • The network activity is constantly monitored and we have implemented DDoS protection at firewall and server level to protect the websites. All incoming traffic will automatically be blocked when DDoS attacks are detected
  • We implemented several spam protection measures like
    • Rate Limiting
    • Honeypot Form Fields
    • Captcha
  • We have an extensive Disaster Recovery Plan in place

Please note, that we cannot share any specifics on our security measures - for security reasons.

If you want to check our current availability have a look at our status page: https://sitejet.statuspage.io/.

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