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In this article, you will learn everything about giving your customers access to the collections on their website. 

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How to give your customer access

When creating Collections like blogs, property listings, product lists, or job postings, you might want to give your customers access to the Collection to make edits themselves. 

To make Collections available for your customers, go to the CMS, right-click on the Collections and select "Editable for customer" > "This element". 

If you like to give them full access to the CMS, you can do that by clicking on "Website" in the top menu and enable "Full access for customer" in the panel on the right side. Please note, that full access means your customer can use all features of the CMS, edit the whole website as well as access and adjust all settings. So, we recommend activating this only for customers who are tech-savvy. 

Edit rights for your customer

Once you made Collections editable for your customers, they can open a simplified version of the CMS in their customer portal (or the full access version, if you enabled full access) under "Edit website".

When they access the website, they will see the "Collections Manager" tab in the top right corner: 

When they click on "Collections Manager" they will see all Collections of the website. Let's say you created a blog for your customer (but the same applies to other Collection types) then they will be able to:

  • edit existing blog posts with all features that the CMS has to offer
  • duplicate existing blog posts and edit them as they like, which makes it easy to create new blog posts while ensuring the design is exactly the same

The look and functionality of the Collections are the same as your access, so we recommend making a short tutorial for your customers:

Please note, that your customers cannot create Collections themselves if they don't have full access. Therefore, you will need to add at least one Collection with a structure and dummy content.

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