Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about images and videos

In this article you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about pictures and videos in Sitejet.

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What file formats can I use in Sitejet?

You can upload all file formats to CRM. But be aware that you can only use web-ready file formats for the website.

Are images compressed when uploaded to CRM by me or the customer?

The images remain in their original size in the CRM and are only compressed on the live website - and in such a way as to ensure optimum display quality.

Can I use Illustrator files in Sitejet?

You can use Illustrator files in Sitejet without any problems.

Is it possible to upload .svg file in CRM besides .jpg and .png?

Yes, you can use all image formats in Sitejet, including .svg files.

Can I edit images after uploading them to Sitejet?

Short answer: Yes! Sitejet has an image editor built in. Gone are the days when you had to re-upload your images after each edit or struggle with complicated plugins. With just one click on the image you open our graphic editor.

Can I set the compression level of images manually?

Not necessary! Your images are automatically compressed by our system. If manual adjustment is still important to you, feel free to email us at We will get back to you immediately with feedback.

Are images automatically compressed when I upload them to the gallery?

Yes, correct! The images are compressed to the displayed size. This saves you upload time and at the same time your Google ranking benefits because your page speed stays fast.

Will my image changes in the CMS be transferred to the code?

No, the image changes do not affect the code. Image changes are implemented directly on the server and output to the live page. So the original image is still present in the files.

Can I customize the header images for the mobile version of the website or are the images automatically mobile optimized?

Yes, the images are automatically optimized for mobile. So it is not possible to modify the header image for mobile. If this feature is important to you, feel free to send us a "feature request" to and we will give you feedback immediately.

Do I have to upload images in certain image dimensions so that they are not displayed pixelated?

You can use any image size in Sitejet. If you are unsure about the file size you want to upload, use the larger one. Sitejet automatically compresses the images so that the website speed does not suffer and the display is always perfect.

Is an image edited in the CMS also saved in the new version in the customer portal?

No, by editing you only put a filter over the image. But you can download the new version with right click (Save as) and upload it to CRM.

How can I embed videos that are not hosted on YouTube?

You can integrate videos from all kinds of sources on your websites. As long as they are in mp4 format, it's no problem. With our detailed tutorial embedding is done in a few minutes.

You have specific questions?

If you have specific questions, we are available around the clock. Simply contact us below this text. Our experts are familiar with the Sitejet platform and will be happy to help you.

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