Bug Reporting 101

Bug reporting can be a tedious, but rewarding process, if done correctly. If you find yourself in the position of coming upon one of these bothersome insectoid glitches, we'd be glad if you contacted us to get rid of them. To facilitate this whole process, we recommend you to follow these few easy steps in how to report a bug.

Part 1 – Basic Info

Before we even get to the bug, there is some general specs we need from you to be able to replicate precisely what you have found. These are:

  1. Your browser and its version.
    1. How to find out which browser version you have:
      1. Firefox
      2. Google Chrome
      3. Safari
      4. Internet Explorer
  2. Your operating system (OS)
    1. How to find out which OS you are using

After that we need to know where exactly it occurred. For that you can simply tell us the following details:

Site ID

Your site ID can be found in the address bar of your browser when you enter the CMS

Element ID

To get the element ID just double click the item within the editor to open the left-hand menu. Under ID & Class you can extract the element ID.

Part 2 – Conveying the Problem

It's quite important for us to fully comprehend the bug you have encountered. The easiest way in doing that is to primarily understand how you found it in the first place. Try to replicate the bug and then explain every step in an ordered an concise list to us.

Additionally we'd be happy if you could supply us with a screenshot of the bug/error message or even a screencast.

  1. How to take a screenshot:
    1. Windows
    2. Mac
  2. How to take a screencast:
    1. Windows
    2. Mac

An Example - John Doe's Bug Report

John Doe got an error message after he saved his website. Five minutes prior to this he was able to save it without a hitch. Within those few minutes he added the „Header Baldur“ preset and tweaked a couple of its setting. He figured there might be something wrong with the preset and after changing the setting again he found out that changing the menu border to 0px resulted in the error message. The following day he submitted his report:

Basic Info:

  1. Browser: Firefox version 64.0
  2. Operating System: Windows 10
  3. Page ID: page-852948
  4. Element ID: ed-8632753

Bug Description:

  1. I added the „Header Baldur“ preset.
  2. I changed the menu border to 0px.
  3. I got an error message after I tried to save and couldn't save anymore after that. Only when I increased the value of the border was I able to save again.
  4. I attached a screenshot of the error message.

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