How to report a bug

In this article, we are explaining how to report a bug. We like to help you as best and easy as possible - therefore we do recommend a few easy steps that will save a lot of time for you and us. 

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Basic knowledge

Bug reporting can be a tedious, but rewarding process. Especially, when the bug gets fixed! When you experience an unexpected problem within Sitejet, please get in touch with us immediately, so we can assist you. To facilitate this whole process, we recommend you to follow a few easy steps in how to report a bug. 

Please bear in mind, that a bug can have so many different origins - from erroneous code, temporary hiccups in the system to external influences like browser extensions, server issues and custom code. To narrow down the origin, we definitely need as much information as possible. 

If you are facing issues with your domain or email in Sitejet, please check the following articles first: 

Where to report?

There are two ways how you can report an issue. In our community, you are able to get in touch with us and fellow Sitejetters. We are also monitoring the situation and will assist you with your issues. However, we do recommend contacting us via mail for the bug reporting as this might include sensitive information. 

What basic info do we need?

Before we even get to the bug, there are some general specs we need from you to be able to replicate precisely what you have found. These are:

1. The website ID! Your site ID can be found in the address bar of your browser when you enter the CMS

2. The browser and the version you have: 

Before you report the bug, please also check the situation with another browser (if possible) and also without any extensions activated.

3. Your operating system (OS)

4. Element ID

To get the element ID just double-click the item within the editor to open the left-hand menu. Under ID & Class you can extract the element ID.

If the bug is happening with a specific element/preset, please also provide us with a screenshot and the exact location of that element. 

Conveying the problem

It's quite important for us to fully comprehend the bug you have encountered. The easiest way in doing that is to primarily understand how you found it in the first place. Try to replicate the bug and then explain every step in an ordered and concise list to us. Be as specific as possible. Additionally, we'd be happy if you could supply us with a screenshot of the bug/error message or even a screencast on top! Most screencast and screenshot tools are free and come as a browser extension.

An example - John Doe's Bug Report

John Doe got an error message after he saved his website. Five minutes prior to this he was able to save it without a hitch. Within those few minutes he added the „Header Baldur“ preset and tweaked a couple of its setting. He figured there might be something wrong with the preset and after changing the setting again he found out that changing the menu border to 0px resulted in the error message. The following day, he submitted his report:

Basic Info:

  1. Browser: Firefox version 64.0
  2. Operating System: Windows 10
  3. Page ID: page-852948
  4. Element ID: ed-8632753

Bug Description:

  1. I added the „Header Baldur“ preset.
  2. I changed the menu border to 0px.
  3. I got an error message after I tried to save and couldn't save anymore after that. Only when I increased the value of the border was I able to save again.
  4. I attached a screenshot of the error message.

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