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In this article, you will learn everything about using the perfect workflow in Sitejet. 

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New website

The first view when logging into Sitejet is the Manager View. Here you have an overview of all to-dos and websites that are assigned to you. To create a new website click on "+ Website", enter a name, click on "Add" and choose a template from our pre-built template selection. You can thoroughly preview a template before you choose.

Edit Website

After choosing a template you will be redirected to the Detail View of the website, where you can manage the website, customer details, and your communication with your customer. 

We integrated a pre-design survey for your customers into the customer portal where they can add their wishes and requirements for the website: 

Once you have all the content, files, and info you need to create the website you can move the website to the "Creation" status... 

...and start working on your website by clicking on "Edit website". This will open the CMS in a new tab where you can adjust everything according to your needs. You can change the logo, change global color settings under Design > Theme > Color, change fonts, change images and text, add more sections and subpages, add a blog - and so much more. You can add third-party tools by using our HTML element or check out our powerful code editors for more customization possibilities - if you can and want to code.


When you are done with editing the website you can use our integrated Website Check to search for common mistakes like links that are not working or a missing H1. If you're working in a team you can use the "Audit" status to indicate that this website should be checked by a team member - you can also directly assign the website to someone and add a deadline. Once that done - or if you don't work in a team - you can change the status to "Feedback"...

...and send your customer the feedback link (via "Create invitation link" or "Send to customer") so that he or she can check the results and give feedback directly on the page with our integrated Feedback Tool: 

The notes from the customer will be added as to-dos in the CMS, making it easy to work on them by simply clicking on the to-dos one by one: 

Once the feedback is done and the customer is happy with his or her website, you can hit the "Publish" button, add a domain and the website can go live!

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