Workflow in Sitejet

Create, edit, get feedback and publish a project

Watch this short summary on what the workflow with Sitejet looks like.

New Website

We start by creating a new website in the Dashboard and choose a template (example page) to use. You can thoroughly preview a template before you choose.

Edit Website

After creating the website we can find it in our dashboard. We can sort each project and set a status. This is the creation step in the workflow.

Inside the CMS we can change our logo, adjust our color palette and switch an image, which we can also crop and alter directly inside the CMS. Change texts right where you need it.

Let's not forget our powerful code editors, which you can use to customize any content to create exactly what you need.

Changing fonts is easy with our fonts tool. Simply type your desired fonts (using Google Fonts) or search using the previews inside the tool.

Adding elements like containers and make consistent spacings works in just a couple clicks. Also by using our HTML elements you can include any third party embedding solution possible, e.g. Google Streetview.


After we are done with creating the website it's time for your customer to see the results. Change the status to Feedback and create invitation links to give your customer access to the Feedback tool. Here he can give feedback directly to the according places and make change requests.

Each mail exchange and change request is logged and can be viewed and set to Done in the Messages window.

The designer can then simply open the CMS and click on the ToDos by the customer to quickly find the corresponding element to change.

Finally hit Publish now, where you can register a new domain for your website to go live.

You can then create a new invitation link to the presentation of the final design in all major viewports.

Business Center

After publishing the website you can check your revenue and all the projects you currently have as well as their statuses.

You can also easily see the amount of open change requests and click on it to show any project that has untreated changes, waiting for your attention.

Become a part of our Community!

Exchange ideas with other web designers about current developments, tips and tricks and show your favorite sites. Get advice and talk to us about possible features you would like to see on Sitejet. Here you can go directly to our community. If you need help with your Slack account, please e-mail us to .

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