Set Min/Max Count

You cannot just give your customers partial or full access to the website but you can also determine how often your customers can duplicate a section or if a section can be deleted.  This is where the minimum/maximum count comes into play. 

You can find these settings by double-clicking on any section or element, selecting Style > Element, and scrolling down to Miscellaneous. 

  • The minimum count determines how many of the chosen elements are supposed to be the least possible amount
  • The maximum count determines how many of the chosen elements are supposed to be the most possible amount

In this example, we want to duplicate this section four times at maximum, but never less than one. So by setting the minimum to 1 and the maximum to 4 we get a little icon next to the section we want to duplicate. As we can see, for now, we only have the option to duplicate. Unlike most settings and options that are hidden for the clients, they will be able to see these icons and work with them once it is editable for the customer (you can activate the option by right-clicking the desired element > Is editable for customer). 

When duplicated we get some more options like deleting the element and moving the element up or down, switching places with the one before or after the selected element. If the maximum amount of duplicates is reached it is no longer possible to duplicate this element. 


A good example of using this is a news area on the website. Suppose your customer wants to add and delete news and information by himself. You can create a section that is editable for the client and set the maximum amount to a high number. Inside the section, you can add headline elements, text elements and perhaps an image, all of which are set to editable. This way your client can duplicate a section (and remove it again) and edit all texts and images within. Duplicating elements (e.g. images) and rearranging them within this section will work, too. Make sure to set the maximum amount to a number that still works with the overall layout. By setting the minimum amount to 0 it can be removed altogether. 

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