In this article we will explain to you the importance of redirects and how to easily set them up in Website Builder.

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  • Basic Knowledge
  • Set up a redirect
  • The differences of redirects

  • Basic Knowledge

    Redirects are an important part of search engine optimization. They help users get to the right page when an original URL is no longer available because it has been moved or removed. If a page is removed completely or a URL is changed, this can cause users to encounter error pages, which can lead to a poor user experience. However, by setting up redirects, you can ensure that users are redirected to the right page and don't receive error messages.
    Redirects are also important to maintain what is called "linkjuice". This is a fictitious unit of measurement that estimates how much power a backlink passes on to another page and thus strengthens it. If you forward the page, you inherit the positive characteristics. Through these redirects, the page will also be indexed correctly. However, it is also important to make sure that redirects do not have too many redirects. This will affect the loading times of the website. 
    In addition, we recommend that redirects are relevant and appropriate to the content of the original page.
    Note: For more tips and tools, we recommend you to read our article about the frequently asked questions about search engine optimization. Please keep in mind that neither SEO strategy nor problems with submitting sitemaps to search engines are within our scope of responsibility. For this we recommend our community, where you can exchange ideas with other professionals.

    Set up a redirect

    To access redirections in the CMS click on the burger menu in the top left corner and select "Redirections".

    Click on "Add rule" to add a new redirect. 

    The differences or redirects

    You can choose between three different types: 

    • 301: Use this type when content or a resource was permanently moved to a new URL. 
    • 302: Use this type when the redirection should only be temporary
    • 410: Use this type when the content, resource or URL is no longer available and should not be redirected.
    • 415: This special type is set when a page had to be removed for legal reasons.

    For 301 and 302 you will have to add "From" and "To"  to set up the redirection properly. For 410 you will only need to add "From". 

    Important info: Since redirects can only work if the domain is configured correctly and the new website is online, the redirects can only be activated if the project has been set "active" (and thereby online) in the Domain Manager.

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