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Once you have completed designing the website for yourself or your customers, you will of course want to publish it so that it can be of use to you. In this article we will explain how to publish your website with Sitejet in a few simple steps.

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How do you publish your website online?

Your website is finished and you are satisfied? Then it should certainly be published online now. With Sitejet this is very easy. There are two simple options in the  Website Project Manager
  1. Please log in to Sitejet and visit the Website Project Manager
  2. In the overview, please move your website to the status "finished". Use the three dots menu ("Actions") next to the name to open a drop-down menu. If you are in the Detail View of the website, please change the status to "Done". The three dots menu ("Actions") next to the name open a drop-down menu
  3. Now click on "Publish Now"

You haven't selected a Sitejet plan yet? To get your website published, you need a paid Sitejet plan. The domain manager will automatically redirect you and you can now choose your preferred plan. 

You already have a Sitejet plan and it is active for your account? Perfect. Sitejet will automatically redirect you to the "Domain Manager". Now add the domain where you want your website to be accessible. Click on the "+ Domain" button on the right side. 
Attention: If you set a check mark at "Active", the page will go online immediately after pressing the [ENTER] button. This happens even if you have not yet registered the corresponding domain. In this case, the first costs will be incurred automatically.

It is possible to register a domain with Sitejet in two simple steps. 
  1. Click on "register domain". A new window will open in which you can check your data. 
  2. If your data is correct, please click on "register domain". The button is grayed out if the domain is already registered. 
A hosted website is included in every Sitejet plan. The costs for each additional website can be found in our price list. If you have any questions about this, our article on packages and invoices will certainly help you. 

Sitejet Domain Pricing

15.83 13.78
42.34 36.84
9.15 7.96
8.99 11.97
7.82 6.80
9.21 8.01
13.25 11.53
.io 55.91 48.64
19.03 16.56
12.53 10.90
15.29 13.30
14.81 12.89
9.15 7.96

If you need any other TLD please email with the requested domain (including the TLD) in mind, and we will send you a no-obligation proposal.

Do you want to delete your domain? Click on "Delete" to delete your domain instantly. 
If your domain has been registered with Sitejet, you can make your own DNS settings via "DNS". 

Secure a website domain with a SSL certificate

An SSL certificate confirms the authenticity and integrity of a website. In the World Wide Web, SSL certificates ensure the privacy of online interactions. Customers trust websites that are considered secure much more. Current certificates are the standard in today's Internet. 
The activation of the certificate is simple with Sitejet. In the Domain Manager, check the box next to "SSL". The Domain Manager will then automatically create an SSL certificate for this site. From now on, the website will be transferred via a secure HTTPS connection. 
TIP: The creation of the certificate can take up to 24 hours, in some cases even longer. In the meantime, the website will still be accessible via the unencrypted HTTP connection.
Attention: If you have set up a subdomain on your Sitejet website, we have to have the certification done manually. Please send us a short e-mail with all necessary information to our support. 

Point an existing domain to a Sitejet website

If you already have a domain that you want to publish your website onto, you also need to add that domain to the list (see above). But instead of registering the domain, please set the following DNS settings for the existing domain. Please keep in mind that changes to the DNS can take up to 24 hours to take effect across the internet.

Name Type
@ (or blank) A
@ (or blank)
www A

To enable e-mail services through Sitejet, please also add the following DNS settings:

TXT v=spf1 mx -all

Common mistakes

  • Do not put the full domain name (e.g. into the Name field. If your domain is, you need to write @www or nothing into the Name field
  • Missing A record for www: Please make sure that you set A records for both names, and
  • Existing "AAAA-records": Remove these if you are still seeing the old website on some devices
  • Subdomain: If you have set up a subdomain, please check the DNS entries here as well. For more information on how to set up a subdomain, see our article.

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