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Sitejet offers you, among other useful tools, the ability to quickly and easily collect feedback from your customers using the Feedback tool. With this tool, your customers can give you their change requests and suggestions by commenting directly on the respective elements on the website. We'll explain how it works in this article.

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Basic knowledge

With the help of the website generator or templates, you can quickly create your first draft. However, most customers will have change requests. Discussing these requests over the phone or via email can lead to misunderstandings. In addition, the coordination process is cumbersome and tedious.

With the Feedback tool, your customers can give you feedback directly on the website. Sitejet transforms the feedback into actionable To-dos for you. This allows you to avoid misunderstandings and accelerate the creation process dramatically. Additionally, this increases customer satisfaction, leading to more positive reviews and recommendations.

The feedback tool itself is available to your customer from the "Feedback" status onwards. It shows the website itself, and on the left side, a panel where change requests can be added and pictures, documents and other files can be uploaded. Your customer can access the feedback tool from the customer portal by clicking on the "Feedback" buttons.

Receiving feedback

Within the Feedback tool, the website can be used in the same way as a published, live website. This will give your customer an accurate feel for the website. If your customer finds something on the site they would like to have changed or would like to comment on, they can add a change request using the "Notes" button.

How to work with To-dos

The To-dos have been added to the website. Sitejet immediately informs you about those To-dos with a ticket. Simply go to the Website Manager and open the "Tickets" tab.

With a click on the ticket, you will get to the Detail View of that website. In the To-do section, you will see all To-dos that are connected to the website. The cube icon after the to-do description indicates that the to-do is bound to a website element. Clicking on that icon will open the CMS and bring you directly to that specific to-dos.

Once you are in the CMS you can start working on the To-dos. Simply click on a To-do and you will be directly moved to the respective element: 

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